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Today in 2015: The Big Three rule the smartphone market

This article is a fictional work of my overactive imagination depicting how the smartphone market might appear in 2015.  Don’t count on it turning out this way…

Ah, how time flies!  It feels like only a few months ago that Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 Series and fans lined around the block for Apple’s iPhone Evolution, yet five whole years have passed since then.  During these telling years the smartphone market has truly evolved.  Vertical platform integration, wider corporate adoption and growth in the tablet market have been kind to Microsoft, Apple and Google at the expense of the RIM, Nokia and Palm.

With the benefit of hindsight it should have seemed obvious that as vertical platform integration improved, the smartphone market would come to resemble what used to be called the desktop computing market.  In the last five years the Microsoft, Google and Apple smartphone platforms developed such successful …continue reading

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Nokia store New York

If you live in the USA, a Nokia cellphone can be hard to find.  That’s because Nokia phones and American cellphone carriers don’t go together as naturally as, say, Nokia phones and European carriers.  So if you’re a Nokia fanboy in America you’ll definitely want to head over to the company’s flagship store off Fifth Avenue in New York City.  But hey, this ol’ country is vast and it sure is cold in New York these days.  So to save you travelling all the way here, or perhaps from just leaving your warm shoe-box of an NYC apartment, here’s a walkthrough of the store in glorious HD.

Neil Berman

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Teknica Episode 2: Apple Hysteria. Tablets, Nokia GPS and Ballmer autographs a MacBook Pro

This week’s Teknica is here for your enjoyment.  In this episode I discuss Apple’s January 27th event, Nokia’s navigation announcement as well as Steve Ballmer’s presumably unplanned signing of a MacBook Pro.

Neil Berman

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theONbutton@CES – Nokia N97 Hands-On

The Nokia N97 is one of the most exciting smartphones to emerge for a long time.  Resembling an iPhone with a slide-out keyboard, the N97 is due to be released later this year.  Here’s the video tour…

Neil Berman

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