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Think Android is not ready for Enterprise? Actually it’s Good


Android Good emailThere’s been plenty of noise surrounding the iPhone’s supposed march into the Enterprise, but little discussion about Android.  The iPhone natively supports Exchange email but it’s a little trickier with Android.  Of course, companies that have made the move to GMail will find Android smartphones like Sprint’s Epic 4G to be useful partner devices.  However these companies are probably more likely to be smaller businesses with a small footprint that want to reduce the costs associated with an Exchange/Outlook environment.  That thought fits with the recent discussion I had with Sprint, who told me they had seen the Epic 4G being picked up by plenty of small businesses but less so among larger companies.

The fundamental issue with the iPhone and Android in Enterprise is security.  BlackBerry has long been the darling device of the Enterprise market due to its encyption and security capabilities.  But using the Epic 4G, I’ve come to believe that this device is possibly the best consumer/corporate device on the market at present.  It combines the consumer friendliness of Android with a great keyboard, all rooted (sorry for the Android pun) in first rate hardware.  So how can the security concern be overcome?

There is a nifty piece of software out there from a company called Good, that allows Android (and also iOS) devices to receive Exchange email and calendar data in a secure smartphone app.  It takes a little more effort to implement than just regular Exchange, but it provides a secure container on the phone that is likey to satisfy many of the more stringent corporate IT security policies.  Good is totally self-contained on the device, allowing the user to have other apps and media just like normal.  Compare this situation with a corporate BlackBerry that is typically locked down to only be capable of making calls and sending messages from company accounts.

With Good on Android or iPhone, it’s a win-win.  Employees are able to have an awesome smartphone like the Epic 4G and the IT security folks still get what they need.  At the start of the year I predicted that BlackBerry had peaked in terms of market share; software like Good could make RIM’s outlook all the more precarious.

Neil Berman


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Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk is a beyond amazing deal – Update: now with review!

LG Rumor Touch Virgin MobileWay back in May, before things like the the World Cup, iPhone 4 and Summer happened, Virgin Mobile announced its Beyond Talk contract-free cellphone plans.  These pay-monthly-until-you-choose-to-stop plans provide unlimited text, email, data and web starting at a crayzeee $25, and come with with fewer taxes than typical monthly contract plans.

I recently purchased an LG Rumor Touch for $149, which is a 3″ touchscreen smart-feature-phone with a hardware keyboard and put it on a Beyond Talk plan to see what all the fuss is about.  I’ll fill you in on my experiences shortly but, as I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s hard to say no to unlimited data plus 300 minutes for only $25 or 1,200 minutes for $40…just as long as you can live with the limited phone selection.

Update – here’s the review: Virgin Mobile LG Rumor Touch review

Neil  Berman

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