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Better off (keeping away from the Dalek) Ted

If you were watching ABC tonight you might have noticed a gold color Dalek sleeping off its New Year’s hangover on set.  Said Dalek was minding its own business in Phil and Lem’s lab in Better Off Ted, most likely observing humanity as it plotted its takeover Veridian Dynamics.  Or perhaps the company itself controls the beast…that sure would explain why everyone is so scared of Veronica.

Neil Berman

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Space: The Final Frontier for the Healthcare Debate

NimoyWhilst the debate rages throughout the country, a lone voice of logic tells us how it could be.  Nimoy, speaking today at the East Coast Star Trek Con: “On the Enterprise everyone gets healthcare.”

Live long Leonard, and beam me directly to sickbay.

Neil Berman

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iPhone ultimate test: Can the iPhone and Chewbacca live in harmony?

We have put iPhone through its toughest challenge yet.

Take one fierce Maine Coon with diamond sharp claws and give it the chance to scratch the living daylights out of an iPhone. Can the iPhone survive a certain mauling or will it have to call 911?

Let’s find out…

1. Chewbacca discovers iPhone on the floor and collapses in his usual heap of fur to investigate, whilst en route to somewhere else:

2. Chewbacca puts the iPhone through its paces, is it friend or foe?

3. Chewbacca makes a new friend and crashes out from exhaustion following the demanding evaluation. The mauling is averted…

4. …until we try to take it back. The possessive paw and warning glare make us think twice. Maybe next time we’ll give him a furry toy to play with instead!

Neil Berman

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Space cakes? Give me donuts.

I don’t know what kind of funky math Sprint used to figure out how much that cool Dunkin Donuts in Space would cost, but what a great ad!!

I mean that really makes me stop and think about how much it costs to run an iPhone.  Isn’t it amazing what we could do if those three million people all got together?  Mmmmm all those Boston Cremes.  Having said that, they’d have a heck of a time keeping those Space Donuts fresh.

Dunkin in space

Neil Berman

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This would be the best BOGOF ever

Camaro & Bumblebee 7Summer 2009 is set to be a great season of Sci-fi movie releases with the Terminator, Star Trek and Transformers franchises all featuring.  When I was at the New York Auto Show this week it occurred to me that a great way to promote Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen would be with a buy-one-get-one-free Camaro/Bumblebee offer.  Come on GM & Paramount, why not?

Neil Berman

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Fanboys line up here

The fantastic Fanboys opened this weekend in the US.  With lines like “Get the hell off my land you Kirk-loving Spock-suckers” and “Darth Vader has asthma, name me one Star Trek character with a respitory disease”, Fanboys is the ultimate sci-fi comedy road trip.

Set in 1998, a crew of Star Wars fanboys set off for Skywalker Ranch to steal a viewing of Episode 1 before their dying friend passes away.  Their journey takes them through Java The Hutt in Austin Texas, fights with Trekkies at Kirk’s birthplace in Iowa and a Trek-Kon in Vegas where one of the crew decides he’s “female kryptonite”.

Cameos by Carrie Fisher (played Leia), Billy Dee Williams (played Lando) and William Shatner (played Kirk) complete a hilarious motion picture.  If you can’t wait for Terminator and Trek in May, Fanboys is a fab Feb film.

Neil Berman

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Chevy Camaro looks awesome in NBC’s ‘My Own Worst Enemy’

Tonight’s premiere of My Own Worst Enemy on NBC sent a message to the Mustangs & Challengers on the street…the Camaro is on its way and it looks fantastic.

Neil Berman

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Air India adds free charge

My recent trip in Air India economy turned out to be a sweet experience, not just due to the widescreen seatback screen and on-demand entertainment system.  The airline had also added seatback USB power in my 777, which meant I could charge my PDA and write this on the way home.  Bon voyage, literally.

Neil Berman

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NY Auto Show

The NY Auto Show ran from March 21st-30th. Here are some of the highlights, starting with the awesome Dodge Challenger due out later this year:

Memories of the General Lee, which was actually a Charger, come flooding back…
…the huuuuge 6.1 liter motor:

Chevy Camaro due in 2009 will be hot competition for the Challenger. Chevy says the production Camaro will be similar to this version from Transformers:

Audi’s R8 looked sstunning…
Who ever thought a diesel car would need such powerful brakes?
Ferrari-style glass covers the V12 diesel motor:
Scion Haku Coupe looks like a great evolution of the current range:

Wild Yaris conversion is oddly reminiscent of Herbie:

New Nissan Skyline GTR amazingly cool from all angles:

Jeep concept looks like it’s desperate to find a beach:
Nissan Cube plugs in from the grille:

Custom design Lexus has trick satin paint job, looks like the Batmobile:

Jag XF is one of India’s newest exports…
…accompanied by Land Rover. This LRX is a concept:
BMW CS Coupe was possibly the most stunningly designed car at the show:

Pontiac Solstice Coupe has echoes of the Jag E-Type:

GMC Denali Concept has attitude…
…and reeeally awesome wheels:

Meanwhile the current Sierra Denali looked so shiny it could have come from Tiffanys:

Corvette ZR1 is probably almost as wide as a Smart ForTwo is long!

Inventive parking methods could resolve some of Manhattan’s parking shortage:
This is a Ford F150 airbag before an accident:

This racing Mustang had a great paint job…
…but the ‘Aim’ switch is worrying. Is that for race drivers who get a bit too competitive?

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International Pillow Fight in Union Square

Who can explain what turns this innocent scene in Union Square…

…into a mass pillow fight on a Saturday afternoon? It’s International Pillow Fight Day, New York style.
Let’s zoom in for some action. Check out Batman, and don’t ask me how long my lens is:

Ouch, my head. By the time I got in and out of the melée I looked like a feather duster :-)
Neil Berman

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Why is CES in Las Vegas? Who cares, just as long as it stays there!

From the Luxor’s Sphinx to the Paris’ Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas is a place where awesome is not big enough a word to describe the sensory overload.The recreations of global landmarks, the Bellagio’s concert fountains and the Hilton’s whole Star Trek annexe (more on this to come) only begin to describe some of the tamer attractions. The evening shows and gambling halls take care of the rest.

Fingers crossed I can still afford my plane ticket home by the time I’m done!

Above, Luxor’s Sphinx. Below, Bellagio’s fountains with Caesar’s Palace in the background.

Below, The Paris’ Eiffel Tower. Bottom, according to its owners the Las Vegas monorail saves an amazing 4 million car journeys each year.

Neil Berman

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