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Enjoy Hulu while it lasts

Let’s be honest, I don’t think anybody expected Hulu to survive as a free network-sponsored ad-supported content aggregator for this long.  I recently wrote about the price Hulu Plus is paying for coming second and concluded that we are all going to be asked to share that cost by upgrading from Hulu to the paid Hulu Plus service.

Reports surfaced today from PC and Mac users that their access to Hulu was blocked, with a confused on-screen message contending that they were trying to access Hulu from the new Boxee Box.  They weren’t.  The folks were using a regular browser, and reports came in from all major browser users; IE, Fiefox, Chrome and Safari.

An innocent mistake?  Quite possibly for now.  However I do believe that the networks are just dying to pull the plug on Hulu, and this faux pas indicates that they’re perfectly capable of doing so bit by bit, as they already demonstrated wiith Google TV, until finally shutting it down altogether one day.  I still expect the content would continue to exist as ad-supported on the major free-to-air networks’ sites (NBC, ABC, Fox), because there is value in bringing users into the network to cross-promote other shows.  But the convenience of aggregation will inevitably become a cost-option once critical mass exists on Hulu Plus at the right price point…which I think is still to be established.

Neil Berman

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