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With Caprica gone, will the story of the first Cylon War ever be told?

I desperately wanted to love Caprica, and I kept waiting to see how that superbly recreated Cylon from the original show would evolve into Six and her BFFs.  The premature demise of the show leaves a gaping hole in the Battlestar Galactica storyline.  BSG told the story of the ragtag group of humans fleeing the Cylons after the second Cylon War, forty years after the first.  Caprica was meant to tell the story in the run up to the first war.

Unfortunately Caprica got caught up in a muddle of teen angst, religion and virtual reality that never seemed to be going anywhere.  The development of the Cylon storyline was always playing a distant second fiddle to other plotlines involving the society’s religious tensions with the Soldiers of the One, rebellious teens in an affluent school who joined them to bomb Caprican infrastructure and civilians, and the world of the Graystone’s holoband which again seemed to add little to the development of the Cylon plot.

Caprica felt like it was starting to drag, and although I unfailingly watched every episode with a religiously hopeful optimism, it just wasn’t providing a Cylon fix to its viewers.  The show was cancelled by Syfy a couple of weeks ago, so we’ll just have to hope that someone picks up the reigns down the line to tell the rest of the story…hopefully with more Cylon action this time.

Neil Berman


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