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TestSeek provides a one-stop review & shop site

TestSeekWith the overwhelming amount of gadgets in today’s market, picking the right one has never been more confusing. At theONbutton we try to review gadgets as well as we can but it’s always a good idea to get as many opinions as possible, so you can make the right decision about your gadget purchases. With this in mind we like the look of the ever-growing

We found TestSeek to be a great site because it allows you to find expert product reviews in one central place. Unlike some shopping sites that have been hit by scandals of fake reviews, TestSeek manually collects links to expert reviews from independent sites. TestSeek also includes user reviews in a separate section so you can see how the devices have fared in the hands of real users.

TestSeek also has price comparisons on the site which allow you to find the best price on that shiny new toy you’ve been dreaming of.  We also liked the various language options on the site, of which there are around ten in total.

Just promise us one thing; if you see a product on TestSeek that we liked and everyone else seems to hate, let us know!!

Neil Berman


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