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ABC, CBS & NBC blocking streaming shows to Google TV devices

Have you been calling around your local Best Buys in search of a Sony TV with Google TV so you can watch Modern Family online at your every whim?

Hold them horses cowboy and stand down on the bank loan, because Google is finding out just how hard the networks will fight to keep you from cutting off the cable. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that ABS, CBS and NBC are blocking streaming episodes to Google TV devices. While owners of the new Apple TV can watch some network content for 99c an episode, it’s clear that those networks don’t want consumers to be able to bypass that paywall with a Google TV. There are also reports out there that Hulu is blocking Google TV browsers from streaming content as well.

It looks like it’s going to be a tough journey for Google TV. Trying to sell a TV product without content provider agreements is hard enough, but when your product gets blocked for doing what customers expect it to do it’s likely to turn into a messy situation. This certainly highlights how hard it’s going to be for the whole web-on-your-TV thing to really happen.

Neil Berman


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