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Apple Store Covent Garden: The calm before the storm

Apple store Covent GardenThis is Apple’s latest store, in London’s Covent Garden, getting prepped for its opening at 10am tomorrow morning. The photo shows its sidewalk entrance at its final desolate moments before the deluge commences. In terms of design, the exterior is in keeping with Covent Garden and resembles the understated look of Manhattan’s 14th St store rather than a landmark like the 5th Ave glass cube.

Indoors the blue shirted Apple folks are getting their final pep talk inside in preparation for tomorrow’s frenzy. So if you’re in London and ready to splurge on a new Apple-thing, head on over there tomorrow. The excitement of splurging at a store opening event sometimes help to ease the wallet pain!

Btw, is it rude to say I snapped this shot with a BlackBerry?

Thanks for the tip Dave.

Neil Berman


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