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Why I’ve pre-ordered the next generation 3G Kindle

kindle beachI’ve never had a strong desire to own a Kindle. I don’t read books, I’m not excited about reading electronic books and I spend more time ‘curling’ the page corners of Winnie-the-pooh in iBooks than actually reading the marvelous work. So why did I buy the new Kindle that was announced yesterday?

Simple: It has a sunlight readable Webkit browser with free 3G. As regular readers may have picked up, I enjoy my time in the sun and I sometimes choose my gadgets based on their sun-tolerant capabilities. My Dell Latitude ATG is a case in point. The iPad unfortunately doesn’t fare quite as well. While being great for indoor use, it’s just okay outdoors. The screen is viewable as long as you have a sun shade but contact with direct summer sunlight sends it into a heated frenzy.

Kindle NewspaperThe Kindle is an entirely different proposition. Designed to be used for hours in the sun, it’s e-ink screen has no glare and its battery life is measured in days. On the downside e-ink has notoriously slow refresh rates and the Kindle’s display is grayscale rather than color. That’s fine by me since most of my web surfing when I’m lazing outdoors is text based, so I can live without video-capable refresh rates and vibrant technicolor.

Now that the new Kindle 3 will have a Webkit browser, which is the foundation of Chrome and Safari, it should render web pages pretty well. I’m not expecting pages to be works of art, like I said I just want to read the text content. Having that browser available on 3G without a subscription in such a lightweight and daylight readable package was too compelling for me to refuse. If the browser is good enough I may even cancel my monthly data subscription for my iPad 3G.

I’ll let you know if that’s really a viable option on August 27th, when the Kindle is released and delivered into the ‘wild’ a.k.a. My Messy Apartment.

Neil Berman


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