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Appleiance is really happening

There’s all kinds of crazy talk out there today about iPads allegedly outselling Macs by almost two to one.

Two months ago I would have agreed that is an absurd idea, especially for a product without a proven market. After a few weeks of daily use with my iPad 3G however, I believe with more conviction than ever in my recent article The emergence Of Appleiance.

If the iPad really is selling so strongly, it all just makes perfect sense for Apple. While I won’t rehash the whole piece, which you can read at your leisure, I am pretty sure that in a few years the Mac will be a different beast compared with what we know now. There will likely be fewer in the range and those which remain will be at the periphery of the Apple world rather than the center.

Why am I so convinced? It’s simple; the iPad is now my main computer. Imagine that! Here I am, a total geek with an abundance of computing equipment and within a few short weeks the iPad has gone from being an object I viewed with cynicism to the one I use most of the time when not at work. I’m not a super-demanding user, but for my usage pattern of content consumption at home and on the move, the iPad is just great. It’s more appliance than computer – Appleiance – and for most of my use-cases I like that. In fact for the first time about an Apple product, I can genuinely say it just works…except for the times when an an app crashes; which happens quite a lot!

Many commentators have said that the iPad is a spare device; a discretionary device. It no longer is for me. I still need my Windows 7 Media Center hooked up to an unreasonably large screen and I need a laptop for work. But for almost everything else, my iPad rocks.

Neil Berman


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