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Callpod Fueltank Duo Review

What’s under review: Callpod Fueltank Duo, MSRP $69.95

What rocks: Reduces travel stress, lighter than expected, simple and effective

What’s rocky: Nothing, unless you live in a world with no electronics in which case it could be a handy paperweight

Verdict: Essential travel accessory for gadget lovers

These days we all travel with so many gadgets that the security X-rays of our bags probably look like wiring spaghetti. There is the work phone charger, non-work phone charger, iPod charger, camera charger, headset charger, spare headset charger, Nintendo DS charger for Kid One, PSP charger for Kid Two (er, you) and so it goes on…

Cue the Callpod Fueltank range

Callpod heard the cries of the traveler and took pity, nay even created the Fueltank Uno and Duo to solve this horrific situation.  We have the Fueltank Duo here and as its name implies it can juice two devices from an internal rechargeable battery.  Tiny adapter cables are available to provide compatibility with more than three thousand devices.  The idea is to simply charge up the Fueltank, throw it in a bag with the adapters needed by your devices and you have a spaghetti-less charging solution on-the-go.

First impressions of the Fueltank Duo

The Fueltank Duo feels and looks solid, but at 7.3oz it’s not particularly heavy considering most of its mass is a large battery.  At one end is its own battery charging port and a battery check button, while the other end houses the ports used to charge two devices simultaneously.  The black strip on the top of the Fueltank Duo hides the battery meter which lights up when the battery check button is pressed.

Three charging adapters are included with the Fueltank Duo, which provide compatibility with the iPhone, iPod, mini-USB and micro-USB devices.  There is also a voucher included to redeem one free adapter, which might mean you can be fully covered without needing to buy any extra ones.  Additional adapters are $9.95 each.

Using the Fueltank Duo

After giving the Fueltank Duo a full charge, it’s simply a matter of plugging devices in using the charging adaptors and enjoying the experience of not having to carry power bricks around.  The Fueltank Duo works just as expected, which means staying quiet, reporting its remaining capacity when asked and juicing many devices on a single charge.

Callpod claims the Fueltank Duo can provide typical devices with seven charges.  Over a week of testing I did manage to get close to that number and I’d say it’s definitely feasible to take a charged Fueltank Duo on a weekend away to charge multiple devices.  It would even survive a light week, although I’d probably take the Fueltank’s power adapter to charge it up for serious activity.  Still, taking one power adapter sure beats taking five or maybe more.

The Fueltank Duo comes with a soft carry pouch, which helps to keep the small adapters in one place when in transit.  The unit itself can also fit into a typical coat pocket, but probably not a jeans pocket.

Will you and the Fueltank become a dynamic Duo?

Overall the Fueltank Duo is an excellent gadget for travelers which I can recommend without reservation.  At its full retail price of $69.95 it’s worth the money and diligent online shoppers can currently find it at e-tailers for less making the Fueltank Duo a great deal.  If you have lesser charging needs the Fueltank Uno does a similar job but provides around half the capacity and only one charging port.

Click here for more information about the Callpod Fueltank Uno or Duo.

Neil Berman


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