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Help for iPad WiFi connection issues

While the iPad has enjoyed a successful launch, the end user experience for many has been spoiled by its poor WiFi implementation.  I’m undecided on whether the iPad’s WiFi problems are making me glad that I’m getting the 3G version, or just just plain scared that I’m spending a stack of Benjamins on a device which may be more reliable on AT&T than on my 300MBps router.  After everything that’s happened with AT&T’s network and the iPhone, that would be the ultimate irony.

So for those of you with iPad in hand along with the lock of hair you just yanked out from sheer frustration, don’t smash that pretty glass screen just yet.  There is still hope for your iPad to magically hold onto a WiFi connection.  Unfortunately nobody seems to know the exact reason for the iPad’s WiFi problem but there are a gazillion creative ideas and hacks out there.   So move your hand away from your head and check out these links, they might just save you from an impromptu haricut.

Apple 2.0

Discussion thread on official Apple forum

Support article from Apple

PC Magazine

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll return to praying that Apple fitted a different and better WiFi chip into the iPad 3G.

Neil Berman


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