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iPad is the youngest child in Modern Family

iPad birthday cake candlesIt was pretty amusing when tonight’s Modern Family on ABC became dedicated to the pursuit of an iPad for a middle aged man.  In fact it kind of validated the opinion that the iPad is being marketed as an iPod Touch for grown-ups.  Just in case any part of the message is unclear, the episode is called ‘Game Changer’.  Unfortunately though the only new thing we found out is that there is an app somewhere that allows you to blow out virtual birthday candles.  Expect the show to be available on Hulu if you missed it tonight, or you could just head on over to your local Apple emporium on Saturday to check out the real deal.  If you missed the boat on a pre-order you could interpret the store lines in the episode to imply that there might be in-store availability on Saturday.

Hardcore adopters however will probably still hold off for the 3G version at the end of April.  Insanely hardcore adopters have their 3G on pre-order with their WiFi version due to arrive on Saturday morning.  I haven’t met one of those people yet but they’re out there, oh yes.

Neil Berman


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