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ThinkFlood RedEye Mini might be the coolest universal remote control ever

If you’ve been toying with the idea of universal remote control to replace the growing mass of blasters on your coffee table, your days of procrastinating may be coming to an end.  ThinkFlood has announced its RedEye Mini, which is a scaled down affordable version of its RedEye WiFi remote control for the iPod Touch and iPhone.  Instead of relying on WiFi like its more expensive older brother, the RedEye Mini opts for a traditional infrared connected directly to the iPod/iPhone, making it more portable and easier to instantly setup.

We think the RedEye Mini might just do to high-end universal remote controllers what free navigation on Android 2.0 did to the GPS market, i.e. set them on a path towards extinction.  After all, if you’re in the market for a $150 universal remote, I’d say there’s a decent chance you have an iPod Touch or iPhone.  So at less than $50, the RedEye Mini is an exciting proposition.  Heck it might even be worth buying a dedicated iPod Touch for this, just so you can tell your pals all about your new remote control which just happens to surf the web, store your music collection and get you email.  The RedEye Mini will be available later in the Spring.

Now just imagine the delicious irony of using this on an iPod Touch to control Windows Media Center…

Neil Berman


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