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Traveling without a laptop is Citrix’s Nirvana

Laptops are a great invention, but aren’t we just always looking for something a bit more handy? Like perhaps freeing up a hand by carrying a computer in your pocket instead of in a laptop bag? Well Citrix and OK Labs have been making some noise about their Nirvana project recently which aims to do exactly that.

In a world where desktops are done and smartphones are encroaching upon laptops, Nirvana turns the smartphone paradigm into a go-anywhere conduit for a Xen virtual desktop. What does this mean?

Citrix’s Xen Desktop allows a client to run a virtual desktop with full Windows functionality, which actually resides on a remote server. The client is normally a thin client, laptop or desktop but with Nirvana the client is a pocket smartphone. When you want to work, just sit at a screen and plug in. How cool is that!

A Nirvana smartphone would need VGA connectivity for a monitor and bluetooth & USB 2.0 host connectivity for a keyboard connection. A 528MHz processor and 192MB of RAM are also in the guidelines, so all of this is possible today in modern smartphones.

I’m envisioning a scenario where offices have no need for local computers, because you will just pop your smartphone down on your desk and connect to your virtual session. Many enterprises already have mass deployments of virtual desktops, but they currently have to support an army of local clients along with smartphones for their staff.

Take out the local clients and you’re just left with one device to support, the smartphone, providing thin client connectivity. Of course the user continues to benefit from the smartphone’s traditional voice, email and internet services when away from a desk.

If you think this is all a bit crazy, here’s video demo to bring it all to life…

Neil Berman


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