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Predictions for Apple’s January 27th event

Several people have asked me what Apple is planning to announce on Wednesday.  Excitement about this event has reached fever pitch to the extent that it even made the sixty second headlines of my local radio station.  While there are a gazillion rumors cruising around the information superhighway, we will as ever only know the truth when Steve delivers the goods on the 27th.  But there’s no harm in making a prediction, so here’s mine:

I expect we will see a new iPhone OS, call it 4.0.  I think it will support multi-tasking and that will segway into a much rumored tablet announcement.  The tablet will use the iPhone 4.0 OS to deliver the iPhone experience on a 9 to 11 inch screen with phone, 3G data and WiFi capability and multitasking computer-like functionality.  I expect the primary interaction with the tablet will be through touch but there will also be a dock accessory providing a keyboard and screen support so that it can be used like a small laptop, much like the Lenovo U1 which we saw at CES.  However unlike the U1 all the computing power of the Apple tablet will be in the tablet itself.

I think this will come together with a finger friendly update to iLife to make the tablet a family-friendly do-all device.  Finally I expect a tie-in with either Verizon or AT&T to provide constant online connectivity for a subsidized purchase price plus a monthly fee.  I also think we will be able to buy the tablet as a one-time purchase without the carrier subscription for use solely as a WiFi device.

We’ll find out later this week whether any of this comes true…

Neil Berman


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