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theONbutton@CES: Lenovo U1 multitouch slate-notebook separates itself from the pack

Day One of CES produced an amazing product in the Lenovo U1 at CES Unveiled.  I was blown away by this device, which initially looked like a small notebook until the Lenovo rep pulled the screen out to reveal its dual function as a slate.  There’s a video below, and the details known at this stage are that the slate is powered by a Snapdragon CPU with its own storage while the main notebook body has an Intel CULV doing the driving.  When docked to the main body the whole shebang runs Windows 7.  The Snapdragon-powered slate when on its own runs a multitouch non-Windows OS.

Enjoy the video and the gallery photos, I sure enjoyed taking them :-)

Neil Berman


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  1. […] providing a keyboard and screen support so that it can be used like a small laptop, much like the Lenovo U1 which we saw at CES.  However unlike the U1 all the computing power of the Apple tablet will be in the tablet […]

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