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Panasonic Lumix FZ35 goes the distance

FZ35A co-worker once told me a crazy statistic about the amount of apartment owners who a telescope, and the number seemed worryingly larger than the amount of astronomers I would expect to live on this planet.  The scary-cool thing about Panasonic’s FZ35 is that it’s essentially a baby telescope which takes photos.  Whilst it sports a these-days-meh 18x optical zoom, at three megapixels this Leica-lensed zoom-o-matic can crank it up to 35.2x optical and a staggering 140.8x zoom with digital enhancement.  No need to worry about Google Street View snapping you on an extended cigarette break, now your whole office can get evidence from half a mile away.  Oh and it does HD video with a stereo mic.  I used to own a FZ18, which was the first member of this family.  The FZ35 sounds like the daddy.

Neil Berman


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