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Chrome OS: Hopes & Fears

News_google-chrome-OSSharing hopes and fears; we’ve been doing this since Google’s vague Chrome OS announcement came out.  Why?  Because there’s so little we actually know, we’ve all resorted to conjecture.  So while we hope for more info soon, here is a summary of hopes and fears

We hope it will disturb the OS market and generate innovation.  We fear it will be just another variant of Linux.

We hope it will be a quick booting platform.  We fear few people will care because Windows 7 and OSX wake from standby in a matter of seconds.

We hope enough useful applications will be available.  We fear the emphasis will be so browser/online-focused that the application base will be severely limited.

We hope mobile broadband prices will fall to support mobile online usage of the apps.  We fear that the status quo will remain and we’ll be relying on Gears.

We hope it will have a more consistent interface than Android.  We fear Google’s minimalist design history will lead to a functional, minimalist but unexciting front end.

We hope device drivers will be readily available.  We fear that it took so long for Mac drivers to appear for some devices that the wait for Chrome OS drivers may literally drive some people away.

We hope netbook consumers will be interested in it.  We fear they won’t; MSI has seen four Linux netbook returns for each Windows return.  Why should the Chrome variant be any different?

We hope other Linux distros will survive.  We fear Google was aiming for Microsoft and will hit the Linux community instead.

Neil Berman


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