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Adamo price cut, still way too expensive

IMG00067-20090730-1318One of the most bizarrely priced computers of recent times has finally had a price cut…sort of.

Dell’s bottom of the range not-as-expensive-as-the-most-expensive Adamo, which packs a meager 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo and onboard Intel graphics is now a bargain still very expensive $1,499.  Yes that’s exactly the same price as a 1.86GHz MacBook Air with its Nvidia 9400 chipset.

The most expensive model of the expensive Adamo family  is still the same very expensive price.  In fact it’s way too expensive for me to quote seriously here.

I still haven’t seen an Adamo in outside of CES and I have a feeling I won’t for a while yet.

Neil Berman


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