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Dreams Of Oceania Come Scarily True: Amazon Dives Into Kindles

KindleI had a dream.  In my dream someone entered my apartment when I wasn’t there.

I wouldn’t have even known but they left a note to say they were sent by a bookshop.  Apparently a book I’d bought was no longer eligible for sale.   So, and this is where it gets really funky-dream-weird, the bookshop was visiting everyone who had bought the book and taking it back.  They weren’t knocking, they were just going to each buyer’s address, finding a way in and taking the book back.  They were even leaving checks on the table!!

In fact it was all bizarrely similar to what Amazon did when it deleted MobileReference-published Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty-Four and Animal Farm from buyers’ Kindles and refunded their account, saying the title was no longer available for purchase.  It turns out that the publisher did not have the rights to sell the titles.

However this really begs the question, “Do you own a Kindle?”  I mean do you really own a Kindle?  Does it have a lock and who has the keys?

Neil Berman


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