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Netbooks rock, but are Nettops worth it?

p1030840Whilst we are eternally grateful to Asus for the original EEE PC and the Netbook offspring it spawned, why do OEMs continue to think it’s OK to package an Intel Atom with GMA950 graphics in a home PC?

Apart from the potential electricity savings why would a sane person ever say, “I’d sure like to have an underpowered home PC which will struggle to play YouTube vids”.  And given how much longer this PC would have to be powered-on to complete tasks which an Intel CULV chip could complete in a fraction of the time, are there really power savings there at all?

I actually reckon a CULV powered PC could be more power efficient than an Atom based machine for home media usage.  But of course the Atom platform is cheap to build and the Nettop buzzword adds margin…and that’s the crux of this one.

Netbooks are great.  Nettops?  Fit them with CULV processors.  I’d rather pay a little extra for a LOT extra.

Neil Berman


Jul 14, 2009 - Posted by | Analysis, Computing, Hardware | , ,


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  2. OMG ! Cool Information. Somebody know why people love netbook more than notebook?

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