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This would be the best BOGOF ever

Camaro & Bumblebee 7Summer 2009 is set to be a great season of Sci-fi movie releases with the Terminator, Star Trek and Transformers franchises all featuring.  When I was at the New York Auto Show this week it occurred to me that a great way to promote Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen would be with a buy-one-get-one-free Camaro/Bumblebee offer.  Come on GM & Paramount, why not?

Neil Berman

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Extension of TWC usage charging is a real life streaming video disaster movie

Netflix and Hulu must be worried; TWC’s decision to extend its usage charging model to additional cities spells disaster for mainstream online video streaming.

The explosive growth in online video streaming sponsored by broadcasters may be about to get stopped in its tracks.  Not due to copyright issues.  Not due to a lack of advertisers and viewers.  Just simply because many of us won’t be able to afford to watch the stuff.

TWC’s plan to charge $1 per GB above a max 40GB monthly cap means that after a few HD shows we’ll be paying bigtime.  Gizmodo reckons this could add $5 to the cost of downloading an iTunes movie.

Just when it seemed like streaming video was becoming a regular part of life, it might instead become a barrier between the haves and the have-nots.

Neil Berman

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Neil Berman published by PMI

So my recent lacks of posts can be explained by:

a) An unhealthy addiction to Halo 3, tinkering with the Windows 7 Beta and wondering whether the BSG finale would be lame or earth shattering finding – we now know

b) Feeling 24/7 ecstatic that the iPhone & iPod Touch will be getting stereo bluetooth.  Praise be!  Can’t wait to see the wireless cans Apple will hopefully release…where will all those soon-to-be-unwanted white wires go?

c) Writing a Project Management paper which PMI published today

The correct answer is the absent d) All of the above.

Today PMI (Project Management Institute) published my paper entitled “The Project Manager’s Three Critical Factors in Career Development” on their website at  The paper can be found in the Resources section in the Library under Leadership.  Hope you enjoy reading it.

With that said I have been spending an unreasonable amount of time tinkering with the Windows 7 Beta and will post soon about the mainly good and not very much bad.  Darn it I can’t believe BSG is over…bring on Caprica!

Neil Berman

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