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Fanboys line up here

The fantastic Fanboys opened this weekend in the US.  With lines like “Get the hell off my land you Kirk-loving Spock-suckers” and “Darth Vader has asthma, name me one Star Trek character with a respitory disease”, Fanboys is the ultimate sci-fi comedy road trip.

Set in 1998, a crew of Star Wars fanboys set off for Skywalker Ranch to steal a viewing of Episode 1 before their dying friend passes away.  Their journey takes them through Java The Hutt in Austin Texas, fights with Trekkies at Kirk’s birthplace in Iowa and a Trek-Kon in Vegas where one of the crew decides he’s “female kryptonite”.

Cameos by Carrie Fisher (played Leia), Billy Dee Williams (played Lando) and William Shatner (played Kirk) complete a hilarious motion picture.  If you can’t wait for Terminator and Trek in May, Fanboys is a fab Feb film.

Neil Berman

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