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theONbutton@CES – EEE Top is a recession buster for wanna-be-cool homes

p1030840Whilst  some of the initial excitement of the EEE netbook range has started to wear off, the EEE Top is way cooler than I thought it would be.

For a start the device looks great in real life.  The touch sensitivity is great and the stunning keyboard has a storage home behind the screen.  In fact the entire product looks and feels like an Apple product.

The EEE Top has the Intel Atom guts of many a netbook, which means it’s a low energy user and it delivered responsive touch sensitive performance through Windows XP.  An instant-on facility allows access to Firefox and Skype amongst other applications.   This would be an extremely cool device to have dotted around the home.

Keep ’em coming Asus, and next time give us a sweet graphics card inside for 1080 HD. 

Neil Berman


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