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Microsoft in attempt to reduce its own market share?

Announcing its new version of Internet Explorer 6 for Windows Mobile, Microsoft made a curious statement that existing users will not be able to download the browser to their phone.

The browsing experience is at the forefront of the fiercely competitive smartphone battleground.  iPhone’s market sector leading Safari has been facing recent competition from RIM’s recent Storm, whilst the Windows Mobile market has Opera Mini/Mobile, Skyfire and the upcoming Firefox release.

Microsoft claims that a 500MHz processor is required for IE6 Mobile, which is worrying, but fine for many phones on the market such as the recent HTC Touch Pro and Samsung Epix.  Microsoft will be shipping the new browser in new releases in China, starting with the Samsung Omnia.

So by not offering IE6 as a download their market share is likely to decline in other regions, as Opera and Skyfire are so far ahead of the current WinMo IE.  To my mind this is self-destructive, giving competitors free reign to reduce Microsoft’s market share even though it has a product available to distribute.

Neil Berman


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