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Acer Aspire One on the internet for three seconds, dies, now alive again

1. Unboxing…pretty

2. Inspection…very very pretty

3. Boot-up Linux…fast, about 15 seconds

4. Launch network center, configure wifi

5. Connects immediately, after three seconds message appears saying update is ready – click to install. Click…

6. Fade to black, computer says no

7. Hangs

8. Still hanging

9. Several lights on but no one at home

10. Forced to turn off

11. Boot-up Linux…fast…but then self-reboots

12. Boots, OS looks normal

13. Click network center, no response, no network connectivity at all through wired or wireless

14. Reboot…same story

15. Check forums, it’s an epidemic. Gazillions of posts from owners whose network connectivity has failed

16. Sent support email to Acer, told me to call…

17. Acer said there are two OS distros out there and the updates are mixed up, which has created the problem. Advised to restore from recovery disc and avoid updates for now.

18. Recovery took 20 mins

19. Boot-up…fast…network center opens properly

20. :-)

Update one day later:

21. Still sick

Update several days later:

22. Acer sent me replacement, read the full Acer Aspire One review.

Neil Berman


Aug 1, 2008 - Posted by | Computing, Hardware, Mobile |


  1. Right now I am having the same problem.
    The thing I want to ask, how to use recovery disk since I don’t have any portable DVD ROM.

    Comment by Riko | Aug 2, 2008 | Reply

  2. riko,

    It’s possible to put the recovery DVD onto a USB stick if you have anothor computer with a DVD drive and USB port.

    Have a look at the recovery instructions leaflet which came with the recovery DVD.

    Then I expect you can boot the recovery process directly from the USB stick.

    I’m actually going to send mine back to Acer to get fixed. Sometimes you get lucky when you’re an early adopter and sometimes it doesn’t work out. I think it’s actually a great laptop in the time I’ve been trying it out, but maybe we both got one from a problematic early production batch…?

    Hope the recovery solves your problem,

    Neil Berman

    Comment by Neil Berman | Aug 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. Yup, at first I thought A1 recovery disc has the same manner like other recovery disc which is need external dvd rom drive.

    But when I read the manual, everything is okay.

    Problem already solved.


    Comment by Riko | Aug 3, 2008 | Reply

  4. Acer Aspire One AOD150-1165
    I was looking for a compact laptop that I could use between home and work and also take on my frequent road trips to visit my family. My biggest gripe about laptops in the past has been the short battery life, so I was very pleased when my Acer came from Amazon yesterday (April 9th) with the 5800mAh battery. I don’t know about speed with the standard 1GB memory because I replaced mine with 2GB (so easy a caveman can do it) before I ever turned it on. But it boots up fast and is surprisingly quick. I love the size. It fits perfectly in my leather notebook. I touch type and while the keyboard is a little small it is very easy to get used to. Like some have reported, the touchpad buttons are a little stiff but they have a positive feel to them. It’s a non-issue with me because I hate touchpads in general and use them only in a pinch. I found a nice little Logitech USB mouse for about $19 that’s even a perfectly matching cobalt blue. The first option you will need for most any of these netbooks is a good USB DVD burner to load your software and make backup emergency disks. I bought one just before I bought the netbook. The 10″ display is bright and extremely sharp. The setup was simple I was up and running on my wireless network in less than 5 minutes. Most of my time was spent removing bloatware and building emergency recovery disks. This is really a great little computer with a solid feel and very attractive to look at. At the price you cannot beat this little netbook.

    Comment by Acer | May 12, 2009 | Reply

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