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It was love at first sight but Eee’s not the One.

A few months with an Eee 701 have taught me one thing. It’s not the one. It was one heck of a first breed of ultralight laptop and it was fun while it lasted. But three days on since Acer’s announcement and my One is in the mail. That’s the Acer Aspire One.

It’s fair to say that it would have been the Wind if anyone was actually selling them…The Wind forums are full of people saying they’ve just ordered a different machine out of sheer frustration.

In only nine months the Netbook market has moved so far, there’s no room for supply chain slip-ups. I’m looking forward to seeing how the One performs: Atom processor, near full size keyboard, webcam, 8.9″ LED backlit screen and as light at my 701. It sure does sound promising.

Best of all it’s real and is in a UPS truck right now heading for chez moi. Full review to follow…

Neil Berman

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Mini laptops = mini prices?

Don’t you just love market forces? Only a week after it’s launch at $649 and the Asus EEE PC 1000 is already down to $549 at NewEgg.

Part of the greatness of the original EEE was its price tag, and sales figures were through the roof. As everyone else caught up with models from HP, Acer, Dell and MSI all announced or launched, Asus’ pricing seemed off the pulse. So it’s good to see this correction, but more is still needed especially for the EEE 901 given Acer’s 8.9 inch Atom powered Aspire One is retailing for $379. By comparison the 901 is over $200 more expensive!

Now spare a thought for MSI’s Wind. The Wind is a great product ‘almost’ competing with the EEE 1000. I say ‘almost’ because although the Wind was due to rock the market over a month ago, the only model released was a low capacity battery version which had reviewers telling everyone to wait until September.

I expect by then the 10 inch early adopters will have bought the reduced price EEE 1000 and the Wind will be scrapping in the trenches for leftovers in a price-cutting market.

Did I mention the Dell E will be launching around then starting in the region of $299…?

Neil Berman

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Thunder to rain down on the cellphone market, iPhone 3G speed could be quicker

As hordes of devotees crowd round the block for the iPhone 3G, competitors are starting to line up to steal it’s thunder. Only this time it’s the thunder which might do the stealing.

Blackberry’s Thunder to be precise. Crackberry has just released the first pics and they look promising, with a screen adorned with haptic technology to give console style force feedback on every key ‘press’. Paired with a horizontal keyboard layout, the Thunder looks ready to battle iPhone in a stormy war.

Can RIM really calm Apple’s tornado? Sounds like an unlikely weather pattern to me, but then who expected Palm’s Centro and others to take 7% of iPhone’s market share earlier this year?

Nokia is also rumored to be preparing haptic screen technology, whilst Samsung’s Instinct (fitted like iPhone with the now-old-skool-non-haptic screen) is rumored to be saving Sprint’s existence at only $129 a pop. The Instinct I tried was pretty sweet and the live TV looked great, although iPhone crushed it on web browsing.

Meanwhile we await HTC’s new Touch series with the Diamond already out in Taiwan to rave reviews of the awesomely groundbreaking 640×480 screen. No date yet on a stateside launch of the Diamond or the keyboard-wielding Pro, but the Tilt has just come down in price by $100 on AT&T’s website so we can’t be too far off now can we…?

As far as rudimentary iPhone 3G speed tests go, I measured 48 seconds to load up the BBC homepage fully, 30 secs for NewEgg and 6 secs for the mobile version of CNN. That compares to my Nokia N810 at a hotspot measuring 7 secs for the BBC, 8 secs for NewEgg and 16 secs for the full size CNN home page. Not a totally fair comparison as the WiFi connection is likely to be quicker than 3G in most cases, but an interesting exercise in mobile internet nonetheless. Will try to do an iPhone EDGE vs 3G comparison at some point.

Neil Berman

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Ewok + R2D2 = WALL-E

A service robot inspired by Broadway musicals might not sound like ingredients for a top drawer voyage of self-discovery, but WALL-E is one of the great sci-fi movies of all time.

Twenty minutes into Pixar’s near photo-realistic creation I realised my jaw was hanging down as the animators succeeded so masterfully in bringing life to this cute mobile garbage truck.

Look out for cameos from Sputnik, the Apple ‘sound’ and music from 2001:ASO. The latter coming not, as expected, when WALL-E traverses Saturn’s rings but rather when man enters his own 29th century final frontier: walking.

Irony, humor and animation beyond spectacular, the garbage trucks outside theaters will be chock full of ticket stubs.

Neil Berman

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