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Saving the Day-ta

As the summer days turned up the heat, my three year old hard drive started to feel the pressure.Hard drives typically have a long lifespan but it’s common to read about someone’s unfortunate experience with a failed drive. Whilst there are a gazillion backup solutions out available, there is also a primary storage option which used to be too pricey for consumers: Enterprise class hard drives.

Enterprise class drives are not a replacement for RAID arrays or secondary backup drives, but they are built to higher tolerances than regular consumer drives. Their typical quoted mean time before failures is around 1.2 million hours. By comparison most consumer drives are rated at around 25-50% of that figure.Many enterprise class drives are now available with the same SATA interface as consumer drives and have similar cache and spin specs. They also used to cost a huge amount more, but not any more.

The Seagate 500GB SATA enterprise drive I bought this week has a huge 32MB cache, spins at 7200 RPM and hit me for only $99. Seagate advertises this ES.2 range as being appropriate for business critical requirements and it was only $20 more than the company’s 500GB consumer drive from the same store.

This small amount of extra green pays back in bucketloads for enterprise class reliability. Although it’s no replacement for regular secondary backup, your data is more likely to survive the test of time in one of these. As anyone who’s witnessed a drive failure will tell you, that’s a small price to pay.

Neil Berman


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