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Are Wii seeing the demise of the Playstation – Part 2

Read the earlier post from August 2007 here.

During some of last year Nintendo’s Wii was outselling Sony’s Playstation 3 by two to one. At the time it looked like we were seeing a fundamental shift in console market dynamics. NPD has just released the latest console sales figures for February (New York Times 3/14/08), so let’s see what’s been happening.

According to NPD, the top selling console was Nintendo’s DS at 587,600 units. Next was the Wii at 432,000 units amid supply constraints. In other words, if there had been more Wiis available in stores then they would likely have been sold.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sold 254,600 units, also amid supply constraints. Sony’s Playstation 3 sold 280,800 with no reported supply constraints, although interestingly consumers continue to prefer the positioning of the previous generation model – the Playstation 2 sold 351,800 units.

What does this mean?

1. PS3 is gaining ground

The ratio of Wii to PS3 sales has narrowed to 1.5 : 1. So although Wii continues to sell better than PS3, the trending suggests that their relative monthly sales volumes may become equal or possibly inverse over time. I.e. PS3 may start to outsell Wii in the future. However I expect it unlikely that PS3 will ever achieve a higher total sales volume than Wii, unless its production lifespan significantly outlasts Wii’s.

2. Upcoming mega-games will have an impact

Major releases this year will be key, now that PS3 is more affordable. I anticipate that Wii Fit, which is a big Wii release due in May, is likely to trigger significant cross-generational game and console purchasing. Sales of the much awaited GTA4 for Xbox 360 and PS3 are expected to be 2 to 1 on each console respectively throughout most of 2008 according to an analyst quoted in the aforementioned NY Times article.

If we assume that 360 and PS3 owners buy similar titles, then based on current figures we can predict that PS3 is unlikely to ever have a total console sales volume greater than Xbox 360, all other factors being equal. This leaves PS3 in a highly probable third place at the end of the 3rd gen life cycle unless PS3 sales start increasing significantly.

3. The Blu-Ray victory factor

Blu-Ray’s recent victory as the next gen DVD format should help PS3 sales during 2008, although it is too early to assess an impact from just the February sales figures.

4. Market positioning

Sony has been only partially competing in the 3rd gen console market. This is because the PS3 is still positioned at the upper end of the market and so is not yet within the budget of many mass market consumers. Sony has continued to market the 2nd gen PS2 at the opposite end of the market.

In doing so, Sony has failed to win the all-important middle of the bell curve, which is owned by Wii and Xbox 360. Microsoft compromised on hardware but offered next gen (and now defunct) HD DVD as an accesory option. This allowed Xbox 360 to sell at a reasonable price, which is still significantly less than the basic PS3.

The recent PS3 price cuts have attempted to move the console towards this mainstream price range of $200-350. However Sony has huge R&D costs to recover either through console or game sales so how much further can it really drop the price?

5. Franchise building

The fact that PS2 is still significantly outselling PS3 does have some benefit to Sony, because those owners experience the Playstation franchise. Sony now has to figure out how to turn these customers into future PS3 buyers.

I expect that a poll of Wii and 360 owners would reveal that many converted across from PS2s due to either the new gaming experience (Wii) or price (360), rather than buying a Ps3. Many modern day first time PS2 buyers are probably choosing that model because of its low price in the overall market.

Sony is likely to have a tough time converting them into future PS3 owners rather than losing them to Nintendo or Microsoft, unless the PS3 price falls significantly further. I would anticipate that a base PS3 model would need to cost $249 to appeal to current PS2 buyers as a follow-on purchase.

So has the market dynamic changed since August?

Yes, PS3 does seem to be making inroads. The price drop has helped and I expect the Blu-Ray studio victory will win it extra sales during 2008. But Wii’s position in the lead seems strong and Xbox 360 continues to look like a solid second.

Would a further PS3 price cut help? Perhaps. Sony might end up selling more of them but the payback period to recover the huge R&D costs would probably lengthen…and that I think is what will be taught in business schools once when we look back on the 3rd gen console wars: Sony’s over-engineering led to an inability to compete on the shelves; Nintendo and Microsoft played a better game.

Read the earlier post from August 2007 here.

Neil Berman


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  1. With great respect to your article I disagree with your comment that Sony has “over-engineered” their console and that’s why they are struggling to break the market. With regards to the ever growing want of gamers to have better visuals, longer games and bigger environments, does it not make sense to create a next generation console that can grow with the ever increasing demand for higher quality games? In the end the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 will “age” a lot quicker when it comes to performance and handling of the next generation game.

    Sony has spent a lot of money developing their PS3 but it makes sense since next generation consoles need to last a long time. I can assume that the Nintendo Wii has done so well with sales is because they offer a completely different approach to gaming i.e. the Nintendo Wii controller and their accessories. The Xbox 360 has obviously come in second due to the fact that they offer classic gaming at a cheaper price to challenge the PS3. But I ask… How long are these consoles going to last for the simple reason being that developers are creating better and better games all the time.

    When the Xbox 360 was released along with the PS3 there were all these comparisons done to show that there isn’t much difference between the consoles when it came to graphics and the overall performance. I beg to differ. The first games that were released for these consoles were average; the games that are being released now we can’t even compare. The point I’m trying to make is, the games we see now is the full expectation for the Xbox 360 due to its “under-engineered” console. With Sony’s “over-engineered” console the performance of the system now is only a quarter of what we can expect. The games to be released in the future will wow PS3 owners because they have a superior console that can handle the ever growing expansion of the gaming world.

    Is it really worth consumer’s to spend their money on inferior consoles such as the Xbox 360 when saving a little longer will result in something so much better for so much longer.

    Comment by Meghann | Apr 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. i coudnt agree more Meghann… but i feel over time the PS3 will catch up in sony said its a 10 year system like the ps2…people are saying its in 3rd place for now it is but later one i see it in first….the wii and xbox are both going to run out of steam…

    your already seeing it with the xbox and once everyone wants a wii they would want something more powerful and they would want a ps3 cuz about that time they want something new the xbox will be hanging on a thread…while the ps3will look betterin graphics and games…GIVE IT TIME

    Comment by Drew | Apr 18, 2008 | Reply

  3. From my own personal experience i would much rather an over-engineered under achiever then than a rushed and poorly built system, plus everyone forgets the multimedia direction the PS3 has taken, incorporating blu-ray movies the ability to stream video and music from HDD, you can expect the ps3 sales to climb higher and higher as the high-def generation of TVs start to catch on even more then it has, people will want to see movies and games in full 1080p and thats where both the 360 and wii lose out. I have a wii and already on my 720p tv you can see the tears in graphics and the jagered edges

    Comment by Nelson | Apr 24, 2008 | Reply

  4. I beg to disagree, WII will continue to dominate the market mainly because it will continue to provide different kinds of gameplay. Nintendo is a company which focuses on innovation. Are you telling us that since WII is no. 1 in terms of sales, Nintendo will just sit back and relax? I don’t think so. PS3 is far better in graphics, no doubt, but gamers such as I has has evolved and we mostly get our satisfaction on how to play a game instead of what it looks like. I have been playing games since the days of the Atari Console. If some people only enjoy games because of the graphics…..I can say that they failed to grasp the depth of what gameplay is really all about.

    Comment by Cain Marco | Apr 24, 2008 | Reply

  5. As stated so many times there is a significant difference between the consoles.
    On one side Xbox 360 and PS2/3 on the other side Wii.
    Wii is aimed at a family and party environment, it’s all about having fun. The ‘adult’ titles (Resident Evil for example) are sold in smaller numbers for Wii than for the other consoles. It’s obvious that the target audience markets differ.

    So why is it that people keep insisting on comparing apples and oranges? Based only on the assumption that they are fruits? (Read consoles in this context).
    To me this seems weird.

    In the car world you don’t compare a SUV with a city runabout or a typical family car? Different audiences. So all this hype talk about Wii outselling PS3 is nonsense! The typical PS3 buyer won’t take a second glance at the Wii in the same fashion that a Wii buyer probably is more concerned about the availability of games for their children, rather than the better graphics.

    I better get off my soap box. Just enjoy the console of your choice/lifestyle!

    Comment by Rhian | Apr 30, 2008 | Reply

  6. Its true what Rhian said. The Wii isn’t comparable to the ps3 because of whom its targeted at and who its main user base is. People forget that the 360 came out first and even that lead isn’t saving it from getting outsold by Wii. Nintendo simply did everything right i.e. Price, new innovation and marketing. Hats off to them for that. However, I totally agree that, in due time, the Ps3 will outsell 360. This is because of a few things:

    1. The true capabilities of Ps3 will eventually begin to shine through. Were seeing it already. The Ps3 line up of exclusive console sellers in 2008-2009 is quite a bit more than what Microsoft have in store for its fans.
    2. Blu-Ray. If Sony play their cards right the victory of Blu-Ray could mean massive sales once HDTV is the norm and people are truly ready to move on from DVD.
    3. Price. As soon as Sony find it feasible they WILL Drop the price of the Ps3 again. Historically this always means enhanced sales for consoles and this might just be what they need to give them the edge over the 360.

    In any event I believe that no, the ps3 will NOT beat the sales of Wii in this generation. But it has a great chance of eventually taking a triumphant 2nd place.

    Comment by Dr_J0nes | May 5, 2008 | Reply

  7. I beleave that wii will always be nº1, anyone who spent one day with that console knows what im talking about, its a console for the young and the old, ive played wii sport with my 80 year old grandfather and he keeps bugging me to play again!!!
    Nintendo WII is a console for games, not reality simulations, so they aim to bring enjoyment trhu complex games, inovative ideas, and things new, instead of amazing grafics that most times are placed first when making a game and result in a boring and imitation of something that already exists in the market, and that is what makes wii nº1, inovation, difference.
    I agree that Ps3 may in the long run be nº3(nº1 is still nintendo DS), but i think nintendo with WII has hit the jackpot, and because ps3 was aimed to last 10 years, who can say if nintendo and xbox releases another console in 6 years better than ps3 and forces sony to release ps4? that would make ps3 a total failiure in sales because they need too much time to recover theyre investment.

    Comment by Pedro | May 8, 2008 | Reply

  8. Im not bad-mouthing the PS3 or nuthin it is a good console, but it wont get to no1 anytime soon, not to say it ever will, i cant see it soon. Besides the Wii can appeal to hardcore gamers, I got one for a couple of games, namely; Brawl, Mario Kart wii, Legend of Zelda,etc the good first party games, but I like many hardcore gamers enjoy the IR pointer system of the Wii, it makes first person shooters completely awesome, and Sony being cheap and not coming up with their own ideas have incorporated that into Time-Crisis 4 for the PS3.

    Regardless all hardcore gamers with a Wii will or already have a 360/PS3, I honestly will get a 360.
    Go ahead shoot me.

    Comment by Anonymous | May 11, 2008 | Reply

  9. Meghann’s comment seems to me to be ludicrous, and boils down to: PS3 has technological longevity.

    This is ludicrous. Will the PS3’s early adopters who spend over the odds for a machine that is arguable only now becoming viable as a games console really stick with it, or will these sorts of people rush out to buy the next console now matter how expensive it is?

    I do not see the evidence for the PS3 fanbase not sitting back for the long haul. They will more likely early adopt whatever comes along next!

    Comment by Tom | May 20, 2008 | Reply

  10. My only comment for you is that we are currently in the 7th generation of console gaming, not the 3rd.
    I hope the writer of this article did not believe PS was the first console.
    It was in fact the result of a broken deal between Nintendo and Sony to create a CD version of their successful SNES which dominated the market for 8 years, very much like the PS2 did later.

    Comment by Mordechai | May 20, 2008 | Reply

  11. Rhian – couldn’t agree more.

    The Wii vs. PS3 arguement is without a doubt one of the dumbest arguments since Spam vs. Cheese.

    Nintendo did not target the typical gamer when they designed the Wii. They learned their lesson from the N64 and Gamecube – that they do not have the resources to fight a superior hardware war. If they continued down that avenue, they would have eventually gone the way of SNK and Sega.

    The Wii is targeted towards demographics that are typically non-gamers – adults over 25. Nintendo is especially trying to bring in women and girls, with add-on components like the Wii Fit.

    If you were to look at market penetration, and then look at first time console buyers vs. repeat console buyers, you would see a much different picture. The 360 and PS3 share repeat buyer numbers. The Wii absolutely dominates first time buyers.

    For that reason, neither Sony nor Microsoft should not be too concerned about the Wii’s sales. Nintendo is actually doing them a favor. Come the 8th generation war, Wii owners (who never before owned a console, or if they did it was an Atari or NES) will be easier sales targets, as they’ve come to accept video games as part of their lifestyle. The question becomes, can Nintendo hang on to it’s user base 5 years from now after this generation is done.

    Comment by Anonymous | May 21, 2008 | Reply

  12. I beg to differ. I think that Sony and Microsoft should be very worried about what and where the Wii is going. After all it was the PS1 & PS2 that ushered in this new generation of gaming. So if Nintendo is steering the ship then all the heavy investment by Microsoft an Sony will be for nought. Remember Microsoft had the most powerful console last generation and that did virtually nothing for them. Even if Nintendo and Microsoft both launched new consoles first, say in a 5-6yr lifespan. Do you actually think Sony would stand on the sidelines watching as their marketshare dwindles even further, I don’t think so! Don’t believe the hype, if there are new iterations of the Wii and 360 in 3-4 more years there will be PS4 soon there after.

    Comment by Anonymous | May 25, 2008 | Reply

  13. you guys that keep on babbling about PS3,Wii and Xbox360 with all that crap kinda need to think more on the others point of View >.>

    cuz id see Wii stayin strong in a lot of years later due to Upgrade possibilty—which is also a case to 360—–then PS3 would be more focused on their games cuz they dont need to do any upgrades

    im seein PS3 goin to 1st or 2nd—–im not sure about where Wii and 360 will be on

    —-i really enjoy all of them cuz ive already played em (about 15+ games each—of course i finished all of them) and id say this

    PS3—–gamers that love that awesome graphics and the feel that u can almost fell/tase/and even smell the stuff

    360—–i love that Classic gameplay and i dont think it would fade that fast(im still playin the PSone for the ones that would wonder—-also the snes o.O)

    Wii—–everyone can play it (i think my dog can if he gets enough training o.O) and everyone can enjoy it—cant wait for the dual remote controller xD

    the names Tact Ragavash


    Comment by Anonymous | Jun 5, 2008 | Reply

  14. im suprised that when talking about the xbox no one mentioned the waning trust people beging to show. with concepts such as “the ring of death” to take into mind many smart customers who review the product get second thoughts about purchasing a product that has alot of potential to overheat and die out and then face the short-lived warranty that surely expired prior to your xbox’ death. with that into consideration i belive that indeed after the price cut and the vicotory of bluray the PS3 will rise up to #2 .the wii is popular not for being the best console out there but for simply giving the user a new feel to the gaming he knew and a warm welcome to the common primitive (technologically speaking) elders or women (apart from the small women gaming community) so again as one has said hats off to nintendo for making a great buisness venture doing everything right and reaping its bounty.
    when describing the PS3 i would refer you to an age where man builds the perfect car in every way and there is no fuel to be found rendering the car useless. the ps3 is indeed (close to) perfect in almost everyway and arguably the most future proof console yet alas i see limited supply of games worth playing..the games are either sequels that are avalible on other consoles or non intresting 3rd party games with very few expexted big releases..i have always anticipated the PS3 will gain speed at the start of 2009..what has happened so far only strenghens my assumption

    Comment by E.J.K | Jun 11, 2008 | Reply

  15. Sory bt who the hell cares.. Lets say hypothetically that Ps3 sum hw duz beat the 360 because sum idiot decided that because he says so the Ps3 will hav better graphics and performance after ten years.. Wat if it duznt wat if it duz? WTF! who cares.. which ever console wins the ppl who bought a 360 will still luv ther 360s ETc. so watever lets just get overt this and play the console we lyK!!!

    Comment by Anonymous | Jun 15, 2008 | Reply

  16. Well this is heated!

    I have xbox 360-i used to have a ps 2!

    i loved my ps 2-but it was time to upgrade!

    i looked at a sony and i asked myself why didnt sony make a harddrive absent console like xbox 360 arcade!

    if they want to compete release a cheaper model of there console with a magic gate memory car system!

    Keep the 40 gig console

    a two pronged attack

    like microsoft has 3 options
    arcade-non serious games

    pro-hardcore gamers

    elite-elite gamers

    sony kinda pissed me off when they decided to stop selling the 60 gig-backwards compatibility! in south africa!

    there is no vibration on the six axis control

    you have to seperate dual shock controls

    frame rate issues with some games

    how long will take for game developers to figure out ps3 console programming!

    im a gamer-i buy an XBOX 360 over PS3-simply cause-xbox360 have continued to improve on the faults on there console-they have made console thats easy for game developers-they offer a wide variety games for the mass gamers out there!a lot more console packages cheap to the expensive console!

    sony ps3 40 gig thats all you get
    and that dont dual shock!

    sony have to rise there A game-then il buy one!

    Devil 101

    Comment by Anonymous | Jun 18, 2008 | Reply

  17. Great article with very viable facts and opinions but in this argument/ debate I disagree with your opinion of the demise of playstation. Sony still holds a great deal of the market due to in my opinion genius branding with its backwards compatibility with 3 generations of consoles. Also the fact that PS2’s are still selling at a rate that is just simply amazing goes to show that Sony’s market lead will not be going anywhere soon. Now, the Wii is out selling all other consoles and re-establishing itself as a console power but to say that it can possibly be the downfall of the playstation is a bit hasty in my opinion. I honestly think that the Wii sales will actually not effect the PS3’s sales because their targets are totally different. In the upcoming years I believe you will see that Sony’s gamble will pay off greatly due to the fact that their console will have the life span of 1.5 times greater then its competition. In which case will in my opinion make Sony the long term winner. So even though the Wii is outselling the PS3 now, in the long run Sony played the better game and will further its market share lead. It’s all about innovation and knowing how to further your brand; both staples of Playstation. Innovation will probably be the biggest factor in this generation and will probably help both the Wii and PS3. With great respect to your article, I believe we are not seeing the demise of the playstation but a testament to its brand and their console dominance. I see it as 1. PS3 2.Wii 3. 360 . The 360 will probably age the fastest out of all of the consoles besides its price cuts. With the release of Playstation Home at the end of the year, we will probably have to see if it can actively compete with Xbox live. Also, lets try to give this war more tine to mature. If I remember correctly, the ps2 was theoretically in the same position in early 2001 even though I highly doubt any of the consoles this generation will suffer the fate of the late Dreamcast (great console).


    Comment by Anonymous | Jun 21, 2008 | Reply

  18. I have to disagree with a lot of what you said for several reasons. Sales of the PS3 may not be as high as those of the Wii or the 360 but Sony knew they wouldn’t be. When the PS3 was being developed Sony said they were working to make the best console they could. They weren’t concerned with profit since the PS2 was still one of the best selling consoles and this was reflected by the approximate $600 price tag on $900 worth of hardware. There was also the rushed release of the first 360s to factor in since Sony had set a release date only to change it after Microsoft rushed the release of their console. When the PS3 was first released (and still today) people try to compare the two to prove that there is no difference in graphics or performance, however these comparisons have been done with games that are ports to PS3 from a DVD format, making the games the same no matter what and making the comparison completely pointless. Also, the PS3, like the PS2 is designed to last, not only with regards to the hardware but also the constraints of software. With the use of the Cell processor Sony has made a console that will not only be able to handle this generation’s software but also that which other consoles won’t be able to deal with until the next generation of consoles.
    The Wii makes a good plaything and motion sensitive controls (although leaving something to be desired) are quite innovative, but the overall game play and graphics haven’t changed much since the Gamecube. As for the Xbox 360 I know several people who have had major bugs (system cooling issues, damaged games, issues with corrupt game data, etc.) and 5 who have had systems breakdown (two of whom switched to PS3, the other three simply bought new 360s).
    Overall, the biggest issue that seems to face the PS3 is price and Sony knew this would occur, however the intent behind the console was to produce the best system possible, not only for gaming but for complete media usage. Sony has done that and got the demographic they were going for, anything else is just icing on the cake.

    Comment by Chris | Jul 2, 2008 | Reply

  19. This is a very well written article and many thanks for its posting.

    First of all i would agree with the numerous comments in relation to the difference in the target market between then Wii and the other next gen consoles. Nintendo has brought forward an incredible amount of innovation through both its Ds and Wii consoles. It has redefined what we consider to be an entertainment console. The reason for its success is not just familly or affordability issues, but it has brought new consumers to what was an exaushted geek based market. Unlike Japan, gamming has always been a niche market in europe. Now non-gaers find them self lured to suddoku, tennis, yoga and even weather checks. Nintendo has created the lounge console, something everyone can use despite gamming know how.

    The more difficult battle ground lays within the traditional gamers battle ground, the Xbox 360 V PS3. There has been much talk of over/under engineed products. At the pressent (and i may face scrutiny), the gap is too small to measure. Having seen both consoles in action, games such as Assasins Creed, GTA 3 and Armored core have shown little difference. The Xbox Elite (comming in a very similar price range to the PS3) also has the desired HDMI output for the hardcore.

    The Xbox also has in my opinion a far better online enviroment, with the online marketplace really breaking new ground. Films and older games are becomming more and more available and DLC’s are ever increasing. Though Xbox live requires a subscription, u get what you pay for. The secong hand market will inevitably be led by Xbox 360, the older console making it even more affordable.

    The games them selves show an interesting compairson. How will Fable 2, Gears of war 2, PGR5, and Halo 3(which will always have sales) rack up against FF13, Killzone 2,Grand turismo and metal gear solid 4? Only time will tell but i am unconvinced given the unprecedented amount of 3rd party titles that either of these sets greatly influences sales of either console.

    As for the aging of these consoles, i agree the Xbox 360 will age faster. However, sony need this to be very fast. Sales will inevitablely drop because more and more people will own next gen consoles. this will make it harder and harder to get another foot up the sales ladder. Would an xbox user really buy a PS3 4 years from now? or just wait for the next big thing?

    In a nutshell Wii succeed by broading its market base, Xbox 360 kept the core gamers and PS3 aimed for a too specific market. Sony need to revaulate there whole stance to succeed. Proce drops won’t cut it.

    Comment by Rob B | Jul 5, 2008 | Reply

  20. We all know that computers will always be around and I think for the gamers interested in online gaming this is the obvious choice. We also know that when it comes down to it microsoft know majority of their fans love them for computers therefore majority of the time microsoft is probably going to bring a PC version for Xbox games. A friend of my brothers bought a Xbox, played Halo 3 then returned the Xbox… he said thats the only game worth playing thats xbox exclusive. Other games such as Bioshock and Gears of War he instead got for his computer. Thus far Ive been very vague so what im basically saying is that PS3 has huge potential based soley on PS3 exclusive games… gamespot rates Metal Gear Solid 4 a 10/10, with users saying the game is perfect, Ratchet & Clank also have a huge following, plus new games like Uncharted make for explosive gaming. I actually bought a PS3 for tekken since Im pretty sure it aint coming out on xbox and classic games like “Time crisis” make me all the more sure that a PS3 rather than an xbox is the better buy.

    On the subject of the Wii I agree that Nintendo struck gold and im glad for them. The gamecube just couldnt compete and didnt live up to my expectations concerning Nintendos creativity but I do think that PS3 will beat the Wii… gut feeling :D

    Comment by Matthew | Jul 9, 2008 | Reply

  21. I don’t understand the position that the Xbox 360 is the value purchase. I spent some time deciding which system to invest in a few months ago; at the time, I was strongly in favor of the Xbox: I was a fan of the Gen 2 system over the PS2, enjoyed the games, had played on my previous roommate’s console for months, and was pretty much out the door to buy my new 360 when I took another look and decided to go for the PS3. The deciding factor was the cost.

    True, the 40gb PS3 carries a $100 premium over the $299 Xbox console, but after purchasing the PS3 you have a complete system, whereas with the Xbox you can look forward to some extra purchases and further nickel-and-diming by Microsoft.

    Look at what you get with the PS3 for your $400. A wireless controller ($10 premium for Xbox), a rechargeable battery ($15), wireless adapter to connect to your home network ($99 for Xbox, and the Microsoft version will blow out completely if the Xbox ever accidentally loses power while on, we went through 3 at our last apartment), 20gb more hard drive space at least until they upgrade to 60gb in August($99 from Xbox), HD movie player ($50 at the time, now useless), and free online gaming ($50/year from Xbox).

    That alone means a comparable Xbox, after two years, will cost its owner $675. And maybe every user doesn’t need all of those accessories, but it sure is nice to pay $100 more for the PS3 and get all of that included.

    And the benefits don’t even stop there. With the PS3, USB connectivity means I can use just about any old keyboard or mouse or wireless set to surf the internet (with no wires running to my router), I can expand my number of ports simply by purchasing any old powered USB hub, I can charge my controllers with one of the many excess USB cords I have lying around my house. Many people already have a bluetooth headset for their phone which works with the PS3, and if not can get double duty from a new one.

    It seems to me that the value and cost debate is won decidedly by Sony. And I didn’t even go into the performance benefits.

    Comment by Vin | Jul 17, 2008 | Reply

  22. iri:

    Are we not forgetting about the psp, surely this must be contributing to profits for sony.
    So sony have ps2 ps3 and psp – in total they must be no. in sales volumes?

    Comment by i | Jul 17, 2008 | Reply

  23. People are only seeing one thing, wii pleases the casual market. While that is very true, that is not the only reason for the wiis success.

    New innovative gameplay for the regular gamer exists as well. Playing metroid with a wii is very fun, mario kart with a wii is also very fun. Not only that, I can download over 20 years of videos games on my wii so how does the wii only appeal to casual gamers? It doesn’t, while I can play wii bowling with grandma I also have all the games I want such as ssbb, metroid, zelda, mario kart, sm galaxy, dbz ten. 3. On top of that, I got the old super mario sitting on my nintendo for whenever I feel like playing a game I loved for years and can never get tired of.

    I can tell when someone has never had a chance to play a wii for a long period of time by their comments on “the wii is for casual gamers”, your wrong my friend anyone who has been playing video games since the start of nintendo consoles will love the wii and that surely is no casual gamer.

    The wii is responsible for single handedly destroying the atari, as well as competing head to head with sega. Don’t underestimate them for their one bad console (gamecube), because they still are the most powerful gaming company out their.

    Actually the only reason I was considering getting a ps3 was for ff13, but guess I will be playing that on my xbox 360. Why anyone would bother to buy a ps3 now is beyond me as their is nothing good going for you, get an xbox if you want ps3 games. Sony made a stupid move, their is simply nothing new to offer, gameplay beats graphics anyday as nintendo proved to sega years ago, sony had to lose over 3 billion dollars to understand that concept.

    Comment by Anonymous | Jul 18, 2008 | Reply

  24. As for the success of the Wii, I think that’s great for gaming, but everybody I know with one plays Wii sports and a few other mini-game compilations and nothing else. It get pulled out of the closet for parties or a little workout with Wii fit and that’s it. Their PS3 or 360 get all the play time. Also note that third party publishers have only a fraction of the installed base to sell to as Nintendo monopolizes the market with their product and the casual gamer (the largest part of Wii’s market) buys very few games. Add to the fact that the Wii software library is littered with shovelware garbage, I think the other consoles will prevail with tie ratios and software sales in the long run.

    Comment by Anonymous | Jul 18, 2008 | Reply

  25. If there is one thing PS3 does have going for, it’s a long standing collaboration with the video game company Square Enix.

    I know, along with the other(Which include a heck of a lot of fangirls) who grew up looking at characater like Cloud, Tidus and Sora spikey heads, are waiting to see where the PS3 can take us with these particular franchise. :D

    Comment by Kirsty | Jul 28, 2008 | Reply

  26. I have to agree with the masses that the wii is a casual gaming system. The wii is not even a true next gen system, it is more like an alternative gen system. Graphics are no better than a ps2. Game selection is silly at best. Sure you can download some classic nintendo games, but then you have to deal with touchy hard to control wireless movements. Yeah, I grew up with (pong) and other built in game systems, then moving on to intellivision, which in turn became the atari. Then came nintendo, and that was awesome for the time! Yeah sega was in there somewhere too, but the sega systems never seemed to catch on. Sega seemed to have limited game availability, something that seems to be the case for nintendo for the first time ever! I don’t see as wide of a selection for the wii. 360 has a lot of games, as well as a short list of regular xbox games you can play on it. PS3 is gaining ground with more titles than you can keep up with, and game designers are finally starting to code for PS3 and then convert to the other systems. With the 360 coming out a full year before the PS3, game designers were forced to code for the 360 first. Then they have to try and re-code for the ps3. Doing it this way they cannot take advantage of the ps3’s power. Games coded for the ps3 first will show the true potential of the system.

    With all of that being said, it comes down to game style and heritage too. I was raised a nintendo kid. But when the nintendo 64 was released around the same time as the playstation, load times took over for dirty cartridges and non loading games. Who want’s to blow out there system or the bottom of a game cartridge all the time to get it to play? Yes, I did have both systems. Nintendo created it’s own worst enemy. They wanted a cd based system and teamed up with sony, then backed out because of game loading times! Sony finished the product on their own and nearly wiped nintendo out. On to the PS2 and nintendo tries cd’s without sony’s help. Not such a good move. Microsoft comes along with a computer based game system because Bill Gates has to have his hand in there too. All hype, no better than a ps2.

    Now we get to next gen systems. As mentioned above, the wii is a side gen system. Xbox 360 comes out in a rush and is plagued with problems.(some are fixed on the latest released systems) Sony takes their time putting togetther the best system they can. I read a long way to see a comment about the price vs. features. I bought a ps3 because of the familiar controllers, and all of the features for the price. I found a used 360 so I could compare. I play my ps3 every day, 360 maybe once a month. No wireless internet is a big turnoff. Loud fans even on my 360 arcade with the newer processor and hdmi.(upgraded with a hard drive for the ability to play some of that list of xbox games).

    Feature for feature you can’t beat the PS3 right now. It is a comparable price, or even cheaper than a 360 when you get all the nickel and dime add ons from microsoft.

    Comment by Anonymous | Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

  27. I think that your article was right, except for one fact. The wireless controller for the wii makes certain games hard to play. So a lot of game adoptions don’t transfer to that controller set so well. So, essentially, most games fo wii are bad. Several are really bad. And a select few are excellent. And the sales of those is high enough to put them ahead of PS3. PS3 is more solid in the way that they don’t have so many bad games, and the hardware is so much more advanced thst it more than compensates for the price. In the long run, Wii’s game ideas will fizzle out. There are only so many things that have worked. the only ones that worked consistently are followers in a series, and the complilation s of minigames. There are only so many compilations that can be made before people get sick of them. And the series will eventuailly fizzle out. In the long run I see Nintendo having to produce another system that has at least slightly upgraded graphics to compete, and a lot more classic controller games.

    Comment by Anonymous | Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

  28. I think it all comes down to the games themselves, and upon that basis I simply do not see much that is enticing or exciting in the near future for the Playstation 3. Beyond God of War 3, many PS3 games are no longer exclusive to that console. Take FF13, for instance. That game was a system seller, but is now coming out on Xbox 360 as a concurrent release. That’s bad news for Sony. I doubt Sony will see its demise, but Sony definitely has its work cut out for them.

    Comment by Gabrial | Aug 9, 2008 | Reply

  29. I have a WII and a PS3. They are both totally different.

    What gets more uptime? My PS3 hands down… NO question. It’s way better than the Wii.

    Comment by Chady | Aug 13, 2008 | Reply

  30. The PS3 has few games worth playing in its very limited game library, and The xboX 360 has hundreds of great games. (I am a hardcore gamer, so my opinion should matter) most of the games for the PS3 are already out for the 360, and run better on the xbox anyway. Better frame rate better(not necessarily faster) graphics processor on the 360 mean the PS3 will likely only pass the 360 in sales after the new microsoft system is released. The PS3 is very hard and very expensive to develop games for, so its last on the list for developpers. With the 360 future update, games will be installed to the HDD, so the DVD will not be spinning making the system whisper quiet too. PS3 is not a bad system just a bad choice.

    the wii would fare better with a wireless controller similar to the wavebird(gamecube) available to families, since young adults and more advanced gamers would rather use a classic control system for shooters snd action games.

    Comment by Sean | Aug 17, 2008 | Reply

  31. Everyone talks as if the PS3 and Wii are head to head competitors. Sony dominated the last gen market (hugely) and therefore with the PS3 attempts to continue to succeed in that market (which is a 10 year war just starting to heat up). Their gamble was to include a stab at the next-gen DVD market as well (with a victory, although it may be too late for BluRay to really shine as a format… we’ll see but so far it’s a boost for PS3 sales). Side note: Watching Planet Earth in 1080P on my PS3 is up there with playing GTA4 for coolness). Back, to my point… The Wii decided to target a completely different market altogether which both Sony and MS failed to consider. CASUAL gamers. Including the largely untapped market of women and older gamers. People who never had an interest in video games before or a passing interest. Naturally the Wii will attract some hardcore gamers interested in the innovation factor (90% of which now have a dusty console uglying up the living room, myself included). And with its price point and game styles, loads of kids are after it (the average 8 year old gets a lot more out of Mario than Niko Bellic!). MS and Sony have tried to catch up a bit with all of the “nostalgic” downloadable games (MK2, Rampage, Ps1 titles, etc.) and cheap, simple downloadable games (Flow, Pixeljunk Monsters, PAIN, Bionic Commando, etc.) but casual gamers still shy away due to the price point and perceived complexity. This casual gaming market, the billions of people playing flash games on their PC like Peggle, Luxor, Bejeweled and now all the Facebook ones are the market the Wii identified, targeted and successfully sold too. As a Next Gen console? The Wii barely competes with very few truly innovative, compelling titles (Super Mario Galaxy and a few more). But as a casual gaming “family” console, with quick, fun to play, simple titles incorporating an easily marketed gimmick? They’re all alone (along with the DS). There’s NO WAY the Wii will last 10 years though. That being said, the Wii and whatever replaces it combined will likely outsell the 360 and the PS3. My point is, it’s a different war with some overlap.

    Comment by Justarius | Aug 18, 2008 | Reply

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