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SSD: Would you like to supersize that?

Several recent ultraportables have sported a Solid State Drive, most notably the Asus EEE which has sold bucketloads to eager buyers (including myself).

Until now most SSDs have been conservatively sized, with the larger commercial offerings topping out at 64GB in the Samsung Q1 and MacBook Air. BitMicro clearly has bigger plans for the format though.

The company, which already has a one terabyte SSD in production, has recently announced plans to produce a 1.6 terabyte model. Applications include field use where extremely rugged hardware is required. By ‘extremely’ I mean your requirement would probably need to be ‘mission critical rugged’ for an organization to justify the likely huge price tag.

So although regular consumers might not be the first to purchase, it could be coming to your local infantry brigade sometime soon.


Feb 29, 2008 - Posted by | Computing, Hardware |

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