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Taking the hassle out of living room computing: Logitech diNovo Mini

Microsoft ‘n the gang have been asking us to hook our computers into our living room TVs for a while. Products like Windows Media Center and Apple’s Front Row are designed to work with a remote control and both have slick interfaces.

That’s all good, but what happens when you want to do some web surfing too? The scene descends into a balancing act of keyboard in one hand, mouse in the other and coffee mug somewhere in the middle…often missing the coffee table!

Logitech is hoping its new diNovo Mini bluetooth wireless controller is going to change all that when it hits the stores in late February. The clamshell Mini conceals a Qwerty thumboard, Media Center remote and ‘ClickPad’ in a rechargeable wireless package. The playback controls are also Playstation 3 compatible.

The thumboard is very usable and has a good feel. The ClickPad is equally responsive and in can turns into a four way directional controller. Backlights help you see what you’re doing when the lights are down.

Practically, the folding cover protects the device from crumbs, spills and other coffee table menaces. Best of all, when not in use the Mini can be hidden away with ease. Even sitting on a table, it just looks like a make-up compact or sunglasses case.

The Mini is an essential accessory to help with reducing living room computer clutter. However it also comes with a $149 price tag, so some may choose to persevere with their clutter for a little longer.

Neil Berman


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