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Problem: iPhone and Lotus Notes have low corporate market share. Solution? Ask for an Exchange.

The Mac rumor mill was in overdrive awaiting the release of a Lotus Notes iPhone client at last week’s Lotusphere. The release never came, but that’s not the point. Sure it may happen, but why would Apple want its uber-cool iPhone to depend on Lotus Notes for its corporate thrust?

For those who’ve never heard of it Notes is a clunky communications client, which prior to the most recent release 8.0 sent out-of-office messages at 2am by default instead of notifying the sender immediately.

Doesn’t sound like an ideal launch pad for an iPhone corporate takeover.

Microsoft recently released Office 2008 for Mac, so there is a working relationship there. Would an iPhone Exchange client be too much competition for Windows Mobile devices? Blackberries and Exchange have been happy partners for ages, so Microsoft does not seem to have a desire to restrict access to WM devices only. Perhaps IBM just got earlier access to the iPhone SDK.

One thing’s for sure, the corporate Outlook for iPhone looks bleak without an Exchange of ideas with Microsoft.

Neil Berman


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