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Getting up close and personal

My new camera arrived, so the picture quality on my blogs should be going up once I get through all my CES pics. Although my TyTN did sterling duty until now, when I need to get up close and personal the HTC’s focusing doesn’t quite make the grade.
Close ups are really important for me and taking good macro photos with a pocket phone or teeny-tiny snapshooter can be tricky.
That’s becaue few compacts take decent macro shots, and those that do tend to demand being around a foot away from the subject. This is often down to lens and focusing quality. I tried the highly rated Canon SD1000 and Sony DSC-W80. Both look cute but struggled to focus at close range.
As ever though, human ingenuity has made some snapshooters out-snap the rest. Some of the Panasonic Leica lensed Lumix range are able to take amazing close ups at web-page friendly resolutions (3MP or under), without the need for either a zoom (increases camera shake) or flash (screws up light).
I went for the FX3 at $105 from Amazon Marketplace. All of the photos on this article are taken indoors at under one inch(!) from the subject, without a flash and at only 3MP. What a camera! Not many SLRs can do this.Colours are vivid and well focused in the sweet bowl (two photos above). The stitching on this bag and the imperfections of the eyelet are perfectly rendered (above).
The FX3 focused perfectly on the awesome Nikon D3’s model number at just 2cm. The D3 could probably do the same thing at night.
Happy shopping to any camera buyers out there,
Neil Berman

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