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CES 2008 News: Laptops & UMPCs Part 2

This fantastic looking Aigo UMPC echoes the recent Nokia N810 with a slim form factor, large screen and excellent sized keyboard. This Aigo has one of Intel’s new Silverthorne / Menlow processors and the display model was running Linux. Given that the Silverthorne goes up to 1.6 GHz, The Aigo’s implementation of screen, keyboard and power make it one of the most promising UMPC designs out there currently.

Lenovo’s U110 is a stunning 2.4 pound ultraportable with an amazing 8 hour battery life. The beautifully patterned red lid is striking and Lenovo had made a great effort to make the keyboard user friendly with large keys. The U110 will be available with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, choice of 64 or 32 GB SSD or regular 160 GB HD and a 11.1 inch screen. Communication features include bluetooth, WiFi and a 1.3MP camera. The ultra-thin design ranges from 0.7 to 0.9 inches at the thickest point. This dream machine will be available in April priced at around $1,800.

Lenovo also showed a Linux based UMPC with an interesting form factor. The keyboard to the right of the screen sports a mixed key use arrangement. This is currently a prototype with no production details available.

Samsung previewed an ingeniously designed prototype WiMax UMPC. Looking at first glance like a regular small tablet device, the bottom half actually folds out in a butterfly motion to reveal a keyboard, double the width of the chassis. Specs include a 1 GHz Intel CPU and 30 GB hard drive. This is the best UMPC keyboard design I’ve seen so far.

Samsung also expanded its Q1 range with the launch of the Q1 Ultra Premium. The Q1’s thumboard, which I have generally found difficult to use, has been supplemented with a large software keyboard. Dial keys is gone. The Q1 Ultra Premium will be available with a 64 GB SSD and has a range of Intel processor options from 1.06 to 1.33 GHz. A Samsung representative said the current Q1 Ultra range would continue to be sold for the time being.

The Amtec U650 has again a different form factor, where the screen slides up to reveal a well designed thumboard.

In the face of competitors from Aigo and LG, the unit feels pretty chunky for something with a 5.6 inch screen. Sony has updated its Mylo communicator, which comes with Skype preloaded.

This Digifriends WiMax equipped UMPChas a range of available accessories, including a snap-on keyboard. It also uses Intel’s new Silverthorne / Menlow CPU range which goes up to 1.6 GHz.
Finally Toshiba’s eMotion Feel UMPC is yet another different form factor proposition. Currently a working concept, the eMotion Feel looks expensive and heavy but amazingly weighs under one pound. The front panel’s pointer and buttons seem limiting as the main controls, along with a stylus. Its unique feature is tilt scrolling, which is activated by pressing a button on the left side and then holding the unit at an angle to scroll through a page. An interesting and intuitive design feature.

Read part 1 of the CES 2008 Laptops & UMPCs News here

Neil Berman


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