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CES 2008 News: Gaming

My CES 2008 news update comes in the following sections: Laptops & UMPCs, Home Entertainment, Media Players, Cellphones, Gaming and Trick Technologies. To read all the CES 2008 articles, click here. Details of dates, pricing and specifications described below are given from the best information available at the time of writing and may change at any time at each manufacturer’s discretion.


Sony showed off its Skype and GPS add-ons for the PSP. Skype will be a free firmware update and will only work on the PSP-2000 version of the console. It is due for release around late Jan / early Feb this year. The GPS PSP attachment fits to the top of the console and is compatible with both the PSP-1000 and 2000 versions. The screenshot below shows a video rather than actual software as the roof over our heads obscured direct access to satellites. There is no pricing information available yet for the GPS attachment, which should hit the stores around fall 2008.

Many at the Sony stand commented on how light the PSP-2000 (already available) is compared to the original PSP. A Sony representative noted that 33% of the weight of the PSP-1000 had been shed in the newer version. That’s an amazing achievement.

Sony also debuted new games for the Playstation 3, such as Metal Gear Solid 4 (see screenshots) which is due to be released during summer this year. It is first-person gameplay and the graphics look great.

Sony also showed a working demo of LittleBigPlanet, which is a platform game due out on PS3 later this year. The game looked fun and cheeky, with characters moving around platforms with natural-style obstacles to overcome. Mii-style avatars can be created to personalize gameplay.A few times during the demo the frames momentarily froze and at one point the PS3 crashed. The demonstrators noted that this is not even yet an alpha version., so the kinks should be ironed out hopefully by the time it hits the streets around fall 2008.

Dell showed off a World of Warcraft XPS laptop with built-in Logitech Game Control and physical accelerator. View photos and read about it here.

See photos and read CES news about: Laptops & UMPCs, Home Entertainment, Media Players, Cellphones, Gaming and Trick Technologies.

To read all the CES 2008 articles, click here.

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