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Why is CES in Las Vegas? Who cares, just as long as it stays there!

From the Luxor’s Sphinx to the Paris’ Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas is a place where awesome is not big enough a word to describe the sensory overload.The recreations of global landmarks, the Bellagio’s concert fountains and the Hilton’s whole Star Trek annexe (more on this to come) only begin to describe some of the tamer attractions. The evening shows and gambling halls take care of the rest.

Fingers crossed I can still afford my plane ticket home by the time I’m done!

Above, Luxor’s Sphinx. Below, Bellagio’s fountains with Caesar’s Palace in the background.

Below, The Paris’ Eiffel Tower. Bottom, according to its owners the Las Vegas monorail saves an amazing 4 million car journeys each year.

Neil Berman


Jan 7, 2008 - Posted by | CES, Other Stuff

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