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Zap…Wii are surrounded!

I had to search for a while, but I finally found Wii Zapper stock. At an unreasonably cheap $19.99 including Links Crossbow Training from a major retailer, it would have been rude not to buy it.

The ingenious Zapper is simply a plastic moulding with a trigger and housings for the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. Once these two controllers are fitted into place, with satisfyingly secure feeling mechanisms, the Zapper becomes a light gun with joystick control provided by the Nunchuck. A hole at the front allows communication with the Wii Sensor Bar.

It’s a great design which works well in practise. The experience feels natural and as with all things Wii, it’s a case of pick it up and get straight into the action.

Links Crossbow Training is a fun arcade shooter with a variety of mini games through its levels. The games are amusing, each lasting a brief time before transitioning to the next sprite shooting fest. If goblins, walking skeletons and huge ice creatures are not your thing then the zapper is compatible with many of the Wii shooters out there, such as Ghost Squad.

The packaged game on its own is probably worth the twenty bucks I paid for the whole shebang. At this price the Wii Zapper should help Nintendo to further broaden the Wii’s appeal, if it even needs any help at this stage. As ever when I went into the store the PS3 and Xbox 360 boxes were piled high and a hastily scrawled sign at customer services read “We have no Wiis”. Nintendo seems to have the competition Zapped at the moment.

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Neil Berman

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