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Silence is Eco-friendly, Vivid and Fanless

I just upgraded my living room PC’s video card from being VGA only to a dual monitor DVI and VGA NVIDIA card. Crikey what a revelation! My projector image is now so bright and vivid from the DVI PC output that we have to turn down the lamp strength to avoid eye fatigue! In fact this upgrade will have turned out to be a really cost effective way of saving energy and increasing lamp life.

I was already impressed with my MacBook’s DVI output but this NVIDIA card makes the XP Media Center image look so vibrant that sometimes it seems like it’s jumping off the wall. In fact it’s made me question the quality of the MacBook’s DVI output, although to be fair built-in outputs rarely compare favorably to dedicated hardware.

I chose a fanless card, which are becoming more and more rare. The result? A near silent PC…it turns out the fan in my old card was actually generating pretty much all the internal noise in the computer. Better still the new card installled itself in minutes. Silence s eco-friendly, vivid and fanless!

Neil Berman


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