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Lift me up – at&t Tilt

This is the at&t Tilt, successor to the 8525. Also known as the HTC TyTN 2, the Tilt expands upon its predecessor’s already copious feature set by adding GPS, a 3 megapixel camera and a tilting screen.

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Bits on the inside have also changed, with an expansion to 256mb ROM and 128mb RAM. This is pretty sweet as oftentimes I find my TyTN running short of space having installed Skype, Google Maps, AvantGo and all manner of weird and wonderful Windows apps. The processor has also changed from a Samsung 400MHz to a Qualcomm running at the same speed. In general tests performance between the Tilt and my TyTN seemed similar. In fact when accessing web pages both models loaded pages in exactly the same time, even though the Tilt was on at&t’s UMTS network and the TyTN was on T-Mobile’s slower EDGE.
The tilting screen is a novel function which allows typing to be done on a desk surface similar to a laptop setup. Although the mechanism feels well made, it’s difficult to know how long the sliding and tilting mechanism would stand up to prolonged road warrior use. Having said that, I have had no problems with my TyTN’s slider as yet.

The screen itself appears to be brighter but marginally smaller than the original TyTN and less responsive to touch. I had difficulty getting it to respond to finger inputs unless I pressed hard, whereas my TyTN’s screen behaves perfectly. The keyboard has also undergone a minor makeover with a more textured feel to the keys.

I was unable to test the GPS but this feature will doubtless be very useful, as long as the mapping and searching software is well designed.

Overall this is evolution rather than revolution, with the changes pushing Tilt even further ahead of iPhone than the original TyTN was for most things except for web browsing and album art. So if you want to see your album art and surf the web on the move, you’re still better off with an iPhone.

For just about everything else in a smartphone, this is now even more convincing as a one-box solution.

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