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Big Brother Eviction: Nokia N810 on order, 770 looking for a home…

Nokia’s third internet tablet hit the stores a few days ago and here it is, running Maemo Linux Internet Tablet 2008.

What does it look and feel like? In a word amazing. Ultra thin and extremely desirable.

The family which started with the 770 and then developed with the N800 now has a big brother in the shape of the N810. Big on features that is, but smaller on size. The N810 is the first in the series to get a super slick slip out keyboard. Yet it feels fantastic in the hand and thinner than its predecessors.

There is 2GB of internal storage and it will also accept Micro SDHC cards for serious memory expansion. GPS and mapping software also come as standard with an optional upgrade available to Waypoint in-car navigation.

The 4.1 inch screen is the same size as the 770 and N800 with an 800 x 480 resolution which allows a good view of web pages. The Mozilla browser has gone through significant updates since the 770 and is now Flash 9 compatible. As a rare feature, the screen is sunlight readable.

With plenty of storage potential, the N810 is multimedia friendly. Initial video tests showed bright and smooth flowing video with solid sound reproduction from the onboard speakers.

Like the N800 there is a built in camera for video calls using Gizmo. The N810 also comes with Skype but it does not seem at this point in time that the cam works for this yet.

And the word ‘yet’ is what this family is all about…These tablets run Linux, so the environment is really open to the user community to do whatever they want with it. Nokia is encouraging developers to build applications for the distro and now that the N810 has a keyboard, I’d expect to see plenty of releases over the coming months. The development forums are alive with excitement over the N810.

Mine is arriving tomorrow; the 770 has been evicted by its (not so) big brother. Watch this space for an N810 interview as soon as I get it into the diary room.

Neil Berman


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