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Asus EEE, Where Art Thou?

The Asus EEE PC is here. At under four hundred dollars, this is THE hottest property in IT right now.

With a proper stength Intel processor, the two pound ultraportable ships with Linux (Windows XP version apparently on the way), an integrated webcam and a solid state 4Gb hard drive for ultra-fast access times. Wifi, USB and an SD expansion slot are included.
There are also 8Gb and 2Gb hard drive versions in the range with 1Gb and 256Mb of RAM respectively. All models are Windows XP and Linux compatible and have a seven inch screen.
“Where can I get one of these must-buy miracles?” I hear you ask. Good question. They are such hot property that J&R sold out straight away, with no definite date for replacement stock. Watch this space for pics and a review as soon as I manage to get my hands on one!

Neil Berman


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