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Apple loses its cool over iPhone

Ewan MacGregor and Scarlett Johanssen broke their programming and managed to escape to freedom. The evil company controlling The Island was exposed for the immorality of producing human clones. Society was saved by the few.
Some iPhones broke their programming too. They got a brief glimpse of the freedom that N-Series and Windows Mobile owners bask in every day, with their vibrant developer communities and their menus full of applications for every occasion. They cut through the fence encircling Fashion Accessoryland and crossed into the Democratic Republic of Free Fone.

Sadly these brave freedom lovers were arrested by the Freedom Accessoryland Border Police last week. The punishment for their rebellion was harsh. The lucky ones escaped with state sponsored ‘reprogramming’. The unlucky were executed for their crimes. Just a few days ago they were cellphones, surfing the networks and running freedom loving programs. Now they are expensive paperweights, often referred to as ‘bricks’.

The backlash in the popular media has been profound. In losing its cool, Apple has started to lose its cool. Words like ‘evil’ are popping up in mainstream newspapers, user forums are full of disbelievers. Apple showed similar colors when it sealed in iPod batteries, forcing owners to pay hefty bills to replace dead batteries.

In a world where consumers make more society-conscious purchasing decisions than ever, how telling that fashion profiteering wins the most followers of all. And how sad that those masses pay so dearly to be restricted, in an age where technology gives others so much freedom.

The freedom loving community meanwhile has been fast to act. Just today, this poster was seen on a billboard in the East Village.

Recently Apple slashed iPhone’s price by 200 dollars. Maybe they were concerned that doing so after releasing this ‘fix’ would be regarded as a reaction to counter loss of goodwill?

Neil Berman

Oct 8, 2007 - Posted by | Apple, Microsoft | , , ,

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