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Viiv la Cable

So Viiv is dying. Slowly. The Intel brand which signified a multimedia powerhouse PC never really captured the imagination of the livng room masses. On a similar note, Windows Media Center has now been included as an application built into Vista rather than as a separate release. I haven’t met anyone who has Apple TV.

Why don’t we want to put computers in our living rooms?

Price is probably one factor. Given that many people already have some kind of set-top box, persuading them to buy another item is challenging even though it might provide more functionality. Most people considering this discretionary purchase might have much of the functionality already in a laptop.

Watching TV on PCs can also be a weaker experience than using cable. The Media Center interface is superb to use for TV but it’s difficult to hook hundreds of channels (cable/satellite) into it. This means being restricted to over air channels, so the viewer’s experience is less satisfying. On-demand downloads have started but it’s a small market at present. Perhaps when a cable company releases a PC TV card then we might see more penetration.

Recognising that Viiv was struggling in the living room, Intel has decided to concentrate on the extremely strong Core brand. So future multimedia PCs will be branded Core with Viiv.

I say well done to Intel for trying and I’m sure tht one day this concept will get mass market approval. I’ve got a feeling though that when it does, the concept will actually be sold to the masses by cable TV companies.

Neil Berman


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  1. Good blog boyo – but perhaps you should also be focussing on whether tech can interface with doemstic pets: that way we can get full works benefit from all occupants of the home!
    Keep it techie, keep it real


    Comment by Anonymous | Jul 30, 2007 | Reply

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