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In Defense of MacBook 1.1

When Apple released its recently updated Intel MacBook, the changes were more 1.1 than 2.0. Rapid condemnation followed. Moving from 2 GHz to 2.16 was more like an engine tune from Santa Clara than an engine overhaul from Santa Rosa.

In Apple’s defense, the Intel MacBook was probably a pricey initial release. Even now, getting a T7200 powered laptop for $1,099 is amazing value, especially if you use it as a Vista and OSX dual boot machine.

Given that it would be exceptionally difficult to find a laptop of similar spec on the market we can make one of the following conclusions:

1. Vista adds considerably more cost to the price of a new laptop than OSX, or

2. Apple took a financial hit upfront to woo Windows users by offering a high-spec medium-cost laptop capable of running OSX and Windows, figuring that over time MacBook would become profitable through falling component prices linked to minor technology facelifts.

Although 1 is true to an extent, I think 2 is more likely as it is very hard to find a similar spec’d laptop within even a few hundred bucks of MacBook. Also, any increase that Vista adds would be partially offset by the discounts big PC houses probably receive on massive-scale component purchases compared to Apple.

So I can understand Apple for this one. They’ve got a great laptop and it’s time in MacBook’s lifecycle to cash in on sales and component margins. We’ll just have to wait a little longer for MacBook 2.0.

Neil Berman


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