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iPhone vs AT&T 8525 / HTC TyTN

Another day, another thousand iPhone reviews posted. Another bunch of people marvelling at the awesome straight-from-a-sci-fi-flick design. Another bunch of people cursing that only kids have fingers small enough to sms on the thing. Another bunch of people making pointless comparisons to competitors in the market.

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Pointless? Well yes. It’s pretty impossible to make any meaningful comparison to similar devices when there aren’t any. Can you name another 500 buck cellphone which doesn’t have 3G or even stereo bluetooth? Me neither. Can you name another 500 buck cellphone which seamlessly plugs into iTunes, says ‘I’m uber-cool’ rather than ‘I’m a workaholic’ and has captured media attention more successfully than a military coup? Me neither.

So, why stack the iPhone against the HTC TyTN (AT&T/Cingular 8525)?

Well, if TyTN is the king of Smartphone Street then iPhone is the trendy kid who’s just moved in, and it reckons it can set off a few car alarms as it swaggers down the road.

That road happened to be Fifth Avenue New York, where people queued round a glass cube just down the road from a TyTN advert on a subway entrance. Beauty comes in many forms on 5th, but on June 29 it came as a slice of Apple. And what a beauty it was. You pick the thing up and think “woah, this is a real trick tablet”. I mean like what a Trek-era tablet should really be. Just a surface, nothing more. Thin as you could want, it is purity of design in the extreme.

Meanwhile Beast screams out from ads around the city. Functional to the last, TyTN’s touchscreen is almost the size of iPhone’s but with buttons strategically placed to give control over assignable functions. A slick slide-out keyboard with great backlit response hides under the screen. This helps make Tytn big-boned whereas iPhone is size zero.

iPhone’s keyboard is a bit different. Criticized upon release for being difficult to use, Apple has responded by placing an iPhone keyboard video smack on the front of its website. The Apple-simple video explains some of the cool tech behind the onscreen keyboard which makes it intelligently resize target zones as it guesses your typing. A clever implementation of a difficult paradigm. Apple was always up against a challenge by trying to replace the tactile feedback of a thumb-board with an on-screen equivalent. It still doesn’t work for me, I don’t think it can compare to the Tytn which gives a full landscape keyboard and a full screen to write on (see the newly released Tytn II’s tilting keyboard here). But does it need to…?
TyTN is the daddy of smartphones because it is the road warrior’s wet dream. It can run Microsoft Office Mobile so its keyboard is likely to see serious action. iPhone is unlikely to see similar usage. It has a size zero data diet and no productivity software, so I reckon most keyboard action will be for adhoc messaging and occasaional email unless you really get the knack of pressing the ‘keys’.

The URL keyboard on iPhone is pretty cool with a dedicated .com button and the surfing experience is good. Definitely beats TyTN for me although TyTN loads pages quicker (remember big-boned data diet). To be honest, viewing web pages on anything smaller than Samsung Q1 is a sign of desperation generally (since the time of wiritng the Nokia N810 has changed than with an amazing ultra-portable web experience). But desperate times call for small devices coz there’s not always a Q1 handy when you need one. Shame.

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iPhone iTunes iLike. The iPod created the market conditions for iPhone to exist and Apple has integrated iTunes beautifully into iPhone. By comparison, TyTN’s Windows Media player is clunky and doesn’t seem to have undergone changes in the transition from Windows Mobile 5 to 6. But once you’ve got the songs fired up TyTN sings them wirelessly over Bluetooth…whereas iPhone keeps you plugged in with its size zero muscles dropping stereo Bluetooth in favour of a regular size headphone socket. Whoops, bet that gets fixed in iPhone the sequel.
Recalling nostalgic early iPod days, Apple has chosen to take the hassle out of iPhone battery replacement by offering to do it for customers for 79 bucks. Whilst your battery is being changed you can get a loan iPhone for another 29 green. Tytn batteries are 10 bucks on eBay but you have to fit it yourself. Fortunately I generally find that I am capable of fitting cellphone batteries…

Apple has partially opened up iPhone to third party developers through Ajax, which should lead to plenty of Safari-centric releases. I guess this will also preserve the quality and security of core application releases on iPhone, but I reckon if you want your kid to grow you have to let go. Fortunately TyTN lets its owner try to brick their phone (and potentially void their warranty) by loading on anything the Windows Mobile SDK supports. For example Skype, Google Maps and AvantGo for Windows Mobile work on TyTN. Kewl. I’m looking forward to seeing what gets released for iPhone though, even if at this stage the platform doesn’t seem quite as flexible.

Using iPhone is a jaw-dropping experience. Screen animations are awesome, picture viewing is slick and anything with big on-screen buttons, like the phone dialer, is easy to use. Even the screen lock is great. But I can’t help feeling that much of this ease is due to the size-zero functionality and lack of depth. It’s evidenced by the small number of applications on the home screen. TyTN’s Windows Mobile presents more information at once but you either need a fingernail or stylus due to the concentrated breadth of info on offer. For example the home page on the TyTN I’m looking at shows an internet search bar, email/sms/skype/network/battery/lock status, various notifications and the usual time & date stuff.

With iPhone much of this info seems an extra finger smudge away because the interface is designed with screen consuming easy-to-target buttons. That said, I suspect Apple knows what it’s doing and has given iPhone owners the type of experience they’ve been dreaming about. Much of the finger navigation has been superbly implemented and communication between core applications is sweet.

So do I go for Beauty or the Beast? Well for what I want from a cell, iPhone is a pretty fling but couldn’t keep my attention beyond looking fine and having a good singing voice. It’s a sublime first effort though and I’m sure future models will get even better. TyTN is functionally a more complete device and a king in the techno-jungle. Its convergence is fantastic.

But which one says I’m uber-cool before I even order a drink? That’ll be me at the bar with the size-zero. Question is, does iPhone have enough inside for you to have a long term relationship or will it end up as a one night stand?

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Neil Berman


Thanks to anon Apple expert for editorial comment.

HTC TyTN available as AT&T / Cingular 8525, T-Mobile MDA Vario II, O2 XDA Trion, iMate JasJam, as well as other carrier branded models sold globally based on the HTC TyTN/Hermes.

Warning: Installing applications onto your cellphone or making modifications to your cellphone may invalidate your warranty or fry your cellphone.


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  1. Nu Neil, welcome to the blogosphere!

    Have finally got around to reading this and like the commentary. Sounds to me like the iPhone’s got the same problem as your mythical size zero “friend” at that bar in downtown NYC: she looks good, she’s not weighty, but she’s got nothing in there worth concerning yourself over.

    Interesting to see that over here in Blighty Apple are doing the revenue share thing with O2 – the annoited network for the iPhones (see Not sure that you’d be happy with your size zero friend charging by the hourly rate if she took as long to “download” as 2G web surfing!

    Fundamentally this is a breach of trust with UK consumers by O2. The standard charging model for UK mobiles is that you pay back the cost of your handset over the course of a 12 or 18 month contract with your chosen network. That’s one of the key reasons why mobile have been so successful here when compared to the States. Charging a whacking great up front cost and then also demanding an 18 month contract is taking two bites of the apple if you ask me.

    Keep on blogin’

    Comment by David A | Sep 20, 2007 | Reply

  2. D,

    It seems the US iPhone price cut proved you right on the “whacking upfront cost” point. I guess the demand was not there at that price point as the cellphone market is fiercely competitive and price sensitive.

    Most people out there still just want to make phone calls and send texts. So Apple needs an exciting budget level model if it really wants to make an impression on cellphone mass market share. Remember how Nokia won the market over with its interchangeable covers?

    If Apple fails to attract the imagination of those without such deep pockets, iPhone is destined to become a niche product.

    Apple already has a difficult niche product in Apple TV and the iMac has also been struggling. So how many of these products can the successful iPod range sustain (especially as the MP3 market approaches maturity and the video download market looks nowhere)?

    I would expect to see iPhone junior at some point.

    Neil Berman

    Comment by Neil Berman | Dec 31, 2007 | Reply

  3. Have an iphone for about 8 months and counting and simply cant get enough of it. Never never had such experience with windows mobile before. Use HTC touch as well as O2 XDA before. HTC quality really bad and faced lots of problem. O2 XDA..used it for less than a month and leaving it at O2 service centre for 2 weeks before selling it away.

    Just amaze me that how people can compare iphone version 1 with Windows Mobile Version 6 (not forgetting it started as Pocket PC).

    I have never surf so much in my entire life using WM and palm OS. iPhone makes web surfing really simple and easy to use and fast, especially using wifi.

    For a company that have never done phone before, i would say kudos to Apple for coming out with such a beauty. Really look forward to the 2nd generation of iphone and see what apple have install for us.

    Comment by Anonymous | May 26, 2008 | Reply

  4. i like my current mobile unit, but i’m still planning to buy an iPhone come july 11th. can hardly wait…

    Comment by onyxx | Jun 20, 2008 | Reply

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